PEARL FASHION: Thakoon Spring 2014 Ready-To-Wear Show Debuts Pearls

Thai-American fashion designer, Thakoon Panichgul, showcased his self-named ready-to-wear clothing line at Fashion Week and we have to stay it was a success.

What made the Spring 2014 line chic? We think it had to do with the classic styles in combination with unexpected striking pearl details that were coming from the bags. We feel that they were perfectly matched with the clothing.

We adore the long pearl chains on these cross-body bags, made in collaboration with the Japanese jewelry company Tasaki. read more

PEARL FASHION: 4 Different Methods to Layering Your Pearls

We at Pearls Only, are huge advocates for layering pearls because it is fun and complimenting to all!

A woman who wears pearls is confident, charismatic and completely modish so when she decides to stack them on she is 3x that.

The question that we get often is how to switch up the traditional way of laying pearls—well, look no further because we have just that for you!

There are many different kinds of ways to layer your pearls including but not limited to:

Simply Layering Pearls- Women of all ages, professions and styles tend to run to this kind of pearl layering because it is simple, fun, and effective. All you need is 2-3 pearl necklaces and if you really want to make a statement add one additional opera length pearl necklace and wrap it twice for a fuller look. This style looks great most occasions! read more

PEARL FASHION: Actress Katherine Heigl Wears Pearls on Pink Carpet

While on tour for her hit comedy film, “27 Dresses”, actress Katherine Heigl pulled out her classic chic style in France.

The Grey’s Anatomy star looked simple and sweet with her little black dress, matching black pumps, light makeup, pulled back hair and layered opera length pearls on the pink carpet.

We think she looked great but she got a lot of comments for being too simple and staying to safe with her style. We think that she looks very classy and very ladylike.

What do you think of her lady-like style? Is it too predictable? read more

PEARL FASHION: Roberto Cavalli Pearl Print Stretch Silk Jersey Dress

Famed designer, Roberto Cavalli, showed us his love for pearls with this amazing pearl print dress.

The Pearl Print Stretch Silk Jersey Dress features strands of oversized, graduated pearls printed across a slinky silk jersey dress with a fitted Empire bodice and narrow silhouette.

For those who want to add it to their wardrobe, note that it is a collectors dress bringing it 10x more value.

You can find this dress at

What do you think of this dress? Would you wear during this Spring/Summer? Or would you keep it as a collector’s item? read more

PEARL FASHION: Jeffrey Campbell “Hantana” Gold Chain & Pearl Wedge Sneakers

Do you like to walk on the wild side? Then these “Jeffrey Campbell ‘Hantana’ Gold Chain & Pearl Wedge Sneakers” are just for you!

Depending on your taste, these daringly stylish babies are bound to get you “sneaker cam” action. The sky is the limit while standing tall in these 5.5 inch platform sneaker wedges that are genuine patent leather. The design features gold chains, and pearls of multiple colors of gold, grey, and white.

These bold and unique sneaker wedges can be found at for $335.00. read more

PEARL FASHION: Pearl and Clear Crystal Covered Sneakers by

Looking to switch up your sneakers fashion? Well, look no further! is offering a stylish and gorgeous pair of pearl sneakers called the “Dioniso Italian Hand Made Pearl and Clear Chrystal Covered Sneakers” and they are a must-have!

These sneakers are amazing not only because of the pearls but because of the uni-sex design.

We love that these sneakers come in both black and white to fit all your style needs. Don’t your love them? They can be yours for $1,295.00.

What do you think of these kicks? Would you wear? read more

PEARL FASHION: Professional Stylist, Angela Edmunds, Shares Her Thoughts on Pearls

Angela Edmunds, is a woman of business and style. As a wardrobe stylist that has her finger on the pulse of all that is trendy and stylish in the fashion world, Angela is also the President/Founder of Sarai Style,  and the owner of Showroom77, which is Philadelphia’s first wholesale/retail multi-clothing & accessory label showroom. She is also sought after for fashion and style tips for major media outlets that include Philadelphia Style Magazine, BET’s Rip the Runway, CN8 news, and independent movie sets. read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 of the Most Gorgeous Pearl Rings for Under $400

Pearl rings are growing in popularity because they are as versatile as a diamond, and also have the precious value of being unique and cultured. We, at Pearls Only, are excited to showcase some of our most beautiful and eye-catching pearl rings that are sure to make your friends “clutch their pearls”.

Today,  we are featuring five of our most gorgeous pearl rings that are perfect for either a loved one or for you! These rings come in all kinds of natural pearl colors, shapes, sizes, styles, finishes, and prices making it easy for you to get a set that best fits you. read more

PEARL FASHION: Sarah Jessica Parker Answers 73 VOGUE Questions in Under 6 Minutes!

Already had a love for Sarah Jessica Parker? If so, then these will make you feel even more endeared!

Recently, Vogue interviewed the star and it is without doubt one of the most humorous and down-to-earth video interviews we have ever seen of a celebrity.

What we really like about this Vogue interview is that it is interactive, quick, informative, and effortless.

Vogue took the time to interview the Sex in the City star, and got her to answer 73 questions in 6 minutes. AMAZING!

The questions were fun and frivolous and had the perfect amount of “this or that” questions. read more

PEARL FASHION: Sexy Pearl Sweatshirt from

Sweatshirts are not just for sweating anymore. Perish the thought of wearing unstylish sweats to the mall or your favorite local gym. Erase your thoughts of the idea that sweatshirts are not cool and in fashion.  Sweatshirts are coming in plenty of stylish forms, colors and patterns that will make you do a double take.

Take a look at the “Sexy Sweater Pearls” found at Sexy indeed!

The top featured beautifully detailed overlapping piles of pearls making this top sensual and sophisticated. Pair it with a pair of jeans, pearl earrings and an awesome pair of sneaker heels in gold and be dressed to impress. read more