Wearing Pearls Like A Celebrity – Part I

Hello, pearl lovers! Today we will show you that wearing pearls like a celebrity is easier than we imagine. Ever wondered how to wear pearls like a true diva? We know you did and we’re pretty sure you found out already, but it never hurts to receive more tips. We’re excited to present you today some beautiful celebrities who were wearing pearls with style and who knew how to incorporate them in their attire.  Because they really managed to set foot prints in the world of fashion, they have become style icons who inspire us even in the present context.

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affordable pearl necklaces

5 Extremely Affordable Pearl Necklaces Under $50

Hello, pearl lovers! Today we will introduce you to 5 affordable pearl necklaces that are exactly what you need when you’re on a budget. What we love about them is that they all look as if you spent much more on them. They really represent some elegant options from our finest collections and all of them cost under $50. Maybe you did not have the time to search through all of them or maybe you did not realize that we also have pearl necklaces at lower costs (this does not mean that they have a lower quality), but PearlsOnly can also make you look exquisite without spending too much money. We care about all our customers, so we are constantly looking to satisfy all your needs. Because we want to make your job even easier, we also offered an outfit suggestion for each pearl necklace.

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5 Designer Pearl Accessories for Young Ladies

What can be more beautiful and important for a young girl than receiving a piece of designer pearl accessories for her sweet sixteen, high-school graduation or college admittance? Pearls are indeed a woman’s best friend and teenage years are the perfect time for them to begin learning and appreciating the beauty of pearl jewelry. However, in our modern times, mothers don’t simply offer their little girls their wedding pearls or their grandmother’s pearl bracelet. While pearls will never be obsolete, young, sassy and smart little ladies of our time need something truly special.

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Keshi Pearls – The Ultimate Baroque Glamour

Keshi pearls are some of the most mysterious organic gems on the jewelry market because it is extremely difficult to classify them correctly. They are the rebellious rejects of the pearl series because many jewelers do not consider them to be authentic cultured pearls.

In spite of their controversial nature, Keshi pearls are uniquely elegant. They boast a distinct type of glamor that is best suited for bold women who want to add a touch of mystery to their look. Let us tell you a bit about Keshi pearls so that you can get a better idea of just how amazing they can be.

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Accessorizing a Single Pearl Necklace: Dos and Don’ts

The single pearl necklace is a refined piece of jewelry that beautifully enhances a woman’s cleavage. A quick look at the world’s most powerful women shows us that pearl necklaces used to be big favorites among famous icons. Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly gravitated towards this gorgeous jewelry item whenever they had to make an elegant appearance in front of the cameras. Fast forward a few decades later, when the single pearl necklace is still considered the epitome of sophistication. Worn by strong and influential women like Angelina Jolie or Michelle Obama, a pearl necklace, regardless of its overtones, will warm up the wearer’s complexion, giving her a refined air.

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5 Unconventional Ways to Style Your Pearl Choker

A classic pearl choker is a symbol of elegance and class. It will never go out of fashion; on the contrary, it will increase its intrinsic value as the years pass. While many women are used to wearing a pearl choker necklace with crew-neck tops or dresses, they also go great with office suits and even with casual outfits – if styled correctly. Being short in length, a choker pearl necklace beautifully compliments your neckline, lifting your complexion. Moreover, if combined with simple pearls set containing pearl stud earrings and a bracelet, the effect is spectacular.

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5 bridal Pearl Drop Earrings

5 Gorgeous Pearl Drop Earrings for Your Wedding

Forget the superstitions related to wearing pearl drop earrings or any other type of pearl jewelry on your wedding day! The idea that pearls would bring tears on your special day is just a myth!

Since ancient times, pearls have been associated with wealth, social status, love, marriage, marital harmony and good fortune. Nowadays, wearing pearls is also a symbol of elegance and refined tastes. Take a look at our list of five gorgeous pearl drop earrings for your wedding if you seek to look smashing on the happiest day of your life!

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Freshwater Pearls Buying Guide: Choosing the Perfect Pearl

Freshwater pearls are the most popular type of pearls on the market because they can be integrated into a wide variety of jewelry pieces. They are extremely versatile and they can be included in both casual and formal outfits. This makes them valuable power pieces in every woman’s jewelry box.

Another important benefit is the fact that prices for freshwater pearls are extremely accessible. Depending on the shape, the size and the integrity of the specimen, the price can range from a couple of American dollars to as much as a few hundred.

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The Art and Science of Cultured Pearl Growing

One of the most beloved gems in history, pearls have always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. They were very valuable assets, comparable to real estates as far as price goes. The reason behind that is the fact that they were extremely hard to find. Thousands upon thousands of oysters needed to be searched in order to find a single beautiful, perfect pearl and that’s because, in the olden days, they were naturally occurring stones. However, in the 20th century, the house of Mikimoto finally managed to establish the process of creating cultured pearls. And since then, the process of cultured pearl growing itself has become both a science and an art, to the world’s benefit and pleasure.

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Pearl Necklace Buying Guide: 7 Things to Consider

Deciding to buy a pearl necklace is one of the best investments you will ever make but, also, a very important step, especially if you have your heart set on some natural pearls and not the faux ones. They are a symbol of class and elegance and they give the wearer a certain status. But, seeing as they are “organic gems”, they come in many shapes, sizes and colors, which might make it a tad confusing to know what to choose. Therefore, here is a guide comprising seven things every buyer should consider before acquiring nature’s classiest gems, which will make it a lot easier to choose the perfect pearl necklace.

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