A South Sea Pearl Pendant – A Beautiful Gem For A Beautiful Woman

South Sea pearls are among some of the most sought-after of all pearls available. So, having a South Sea Pearl Pendant means that you need to know its worth well!  This is because they are much larger in comparison to what we would class as the average pearl.  Plus they have a roundness and smoothness that is exceptional, so you will have something truly extraordinary when you buy a White or Golden South Sea pearl pendant. Read our entire post to find out what are the best features of a South Sea peal and how to take care of your pearl pendant! read more

pink pearl necklace

The Pink Pearl Necklace – Elegance And Beauty In One

A pink pearl is the personification of grace and will add an immediate touch of sophistication to any outfit.  These days there are a number of ways that enable you to put a more contemporary twist on wearing pearls.  Instead of buying a classic white pearl necklace why not buy a pink pearl necklace instead.

double long pearl necklace

The Long Pearl Necklace – The Most Versatile Accessory For Your Wardrobe

Wondering why the long pearl necklace is the most versatile and fashionable accessory? Because you have endless ways of styling and wearing it! But before you buy one, let us show you how to choose the ideal length! So how can you determine just which one is right for you when it comes to buying a long pearl necklace?  Read this post to find out our simple and easy tips on choosing it. Plus, find out how you can wear the long pearl necklace  on various occasions!

pearl drop necklace

Should You Buy Cultured Or Natural Pearl Drop Necklace?

We all know that pearls come from an oyster, but probably don’t have any real idea about how they are formed.   As you will see when you do a search for a pearl drop necklace that pearls come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colours.  But what you may not be aware of is that they come in a variety of different types also.  Find out the several types and pick your favorite drop pearl necklace!

pearl bridal jewelry

Why Pearl Bridal Jewelry For Your Big Day?

You’ve probably spent weeks, months or even years searching for the right wedding dress.  Now you’ve found the one you are looking for you need some beautiful jewelry to go with it.  You could go down the route of diamonds or rhinestones.  But may we suggest you look at getting some beautiful pearl bridal jewelry instead.  Read more and find out our tips!

black pearl bracelets

Black Pearl Bracelets – A Touch Of Class And Elegance

One piece of jewelry that is very prominent is a bracelet.  It is something that is not only beautiful to wear but also to look at it.  The wonderful thing is that these days there are some truly stunning black pearl bracelets available.  So finding one that not only suits your budget but also your tastes.

audrey hepburn pearl necklace

How To Recreate A Look Similar To Audrey Hepburn Style Icon

Even though Audrey Hepburn died in 1993 women around the world would still lave to be her.   Like so many actresses who came to prominence in the 1950’s and 1960’s, she had a sense of style that was so unique to her. Remember the famous Audrey Hepburn pearl necklace? She definitely defined her own way of wearing pearls.  She also carried herself with a grace, elegance, and class something that some women today try to emulate.  This is why so many women today see Audrey Hepburn as a style icon. read more

big pearl earrings

How To Make Big Pearl Earrings Work For You

There are certain items that should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  Most of us will have a little black dress and a nice pair of trousers.  But when it comes to jewelry earrings are just as important and even a pair of big pearl earrings can prove essential.

The great thing about including any style of pearl earrings as an accessory is that they all add a touch of glamour to the outfit you wear them with.   But you shouldn’t go for the first pair that you come across. Let us find out together how to choose the right pair of pearl earrings for you! read more

gold and pearl earrings

Buying Your First Pair Of Gold And Pearl Earrings

The wearing of earrings can be traced all the way back to ancient times.  Like earrings, today most were made from precious metals, stone, glass, coral and of course not forgetting pearls.  So a pair of gold and pearl earrings that you may wear today you could, of course, trace their history back to ancient Greece or Persia.

lavender pearl ring

How To Wear A Lavender Pearl Ring

As a color lavender has always been an interesting choice. It was noticed in several collections of well known designers such as fashion houses of Chloe, Dior, Jenny Packham, Nina Ricci ad Tadashi Shoji. If you like pastel tones and adore the shades of lavender, you should definitely consider adding some more bloom with a delicate lavender pearl ring or two. Your outfit will sing on a happier tune with such a pretty but statement accessory piece. In this article we will offer tips on how to dress up your wardrobe and accentuate your beauty with beautiful lavender pearl rings. read more