How To Go About Buying The Right White Pearl Rings

For centuries pearls have become to symbolize things that are good, pure and beautiful in the world.  Certainly, the wearing of white pearl rings as an engagement ring has become increasingly popular.   In fact, they are becoming just as popular as diamond solitaire engagement rings are.

As you will see below there are several kinds of pearls that can be used today in creating an amazing white pearl ring.  Whatever design you choose you are going to be adding a stunning piece of jewelry to your collection. read more

Christmas pearl gift idea

Christmas Buying Gifts Guide For Pearls

Christmas is a time of year when we think more about those we love, and of course, it is a time of year when we love to exchange presents.  With Christmas now, fast approaching are you still in search for that perfect pearl gift for that special woman in your life?  Well below our guide will provide you with some beautiful pearl jewelry that you can present to them this year.

audrey hepburn wearing pearls

Celebrities Who Made Pearls So Fashionable These Days

Pearls have always been highly prized and never seem to go out of fashion.  No longer are these gems something that your maiden aunt or grandmother would only wear.  Many celebrities wearing pearls have helped to give them a new lease of life. These days women of all ages enjoy wearing pearls. Discover who are out top celebrities who love pearls!

For thousands of years, women have worn
pearls.  During Roman times pearls were
considered a prized item.   Even Persian
Princesses loved to wear them as well. 
If you have the opportunity to visit Paris then go to the Louvre.  Here you will see a small piece of one of the
oldest pearl necklaces in the world.  It
was discovered in the tomb of a young princess from Persia who died in
520BC.  read more

beauty winter


What better way to add a little traditional class and elegance to a sultry summer number than with a gorgeous pearl necklace? At PearlsOnly you have a wide and stunning variety of pearl necklace designs.

The beauty of pearls has been admired for hundreds of years, their sleek and dreamy surface conveys radiant and pure beauty with their silvery shimmer and stunning white glow – they can be worn as part of a classic dinner date outfit or a light summer dress to turn heads under either the soft glow of a candlelit meal or the brilliant gleam of natural sunshine. read more

pearl bracelets for brides

Selecting The Right Pearl Bracelets For Brides Big Day

For hundreds of years now pearls have had a very long association with weddings.   When it comes to what jewelry to wear on the most important day of a woman’s life then pearls make the most beautiful choice. Often women will wear earrings or a necklace on their big day but there are now some beautiful pearl bracelets for brides to wear. Read this post and discover some of our wonderful bridal pearl bracelet suggestions!

lauren bacall style

How To Create Lauren Bacall’s Most Iconic Looks

Even as she grew older, Lauren Bacall still knew how important it was to look her best.  Throughout her life, many women looked up to her and some even attempted to try to be like her. However, no one has even come close to be able to perfect the look that she so epitomized throughout her amazing life. The Lauren Bacall style is still present and can be a real source of inspiration nowadays. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate pearls and some of her own lessons of fashion and elegance into your wardrobe! read more

colored pearl necklace

What Pearls Are Used To Create A Beautiful Colored Pearl Necklace?

As a young girl, we remember the only color pearls we ever saw were white ones.  However, these days there is a much wider selection of different color pearls to choose from so buying a colored pearl necklace has become a lot more interesting. There are endless possibilities to style such a pearl necklace, but first, let us show you how many colored pearls can create one! Continue reading and be part of a colorful pearl journey!

diamond pearl rings

What To Consider Before Buying Diamond Pearl Rings

One of the most elegant and fashionable design these days are diamond pearl rings. Nowadays, more and more women are looking for unique rings, especially when they are getting engaged or simply want to wear something timeless and exquisite at the same time.  No longer is the simple diamond solitaire favored. In fact, women love rings that are a mix of gemstones. Read more to find out what you need to consider before buying a diamond pearl ring.

silver and pearl ring

How To Choose The Right Setting For Your Silver And Pearl Ring

We don’t usually encourage wearing lots of jewelry pieces.  We prefer to keep things to a minimum and love to wear simple elegant pieces.  A silver and pearl ring is just such a piece.  Not only is it classic, but also sophisticated and elegant looking.  We love and recommend wearing silver and pearl rings, simply because they add a little more appeal to any outfit it is worn with.