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PearlsOnly Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Discover our wonderful collection of real Pearl Bracelets! At PearlsOnly you can find the perfect single, double or triple stranded bracelet!
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Mesmerizing Freshwater Pearl Bracelets like you’ve never seen before and you can choose between 4 stunning colours.

Japanese Akoya

Our luxurious Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelets come in an assortment of sizes and colours.

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Pearl Bracelet Buying Tips

A pearl bracelet is a very distinguished accessory that can look either fun and flirty, or elegant and sophisticated.

Since it looks great with other accessories, a real pearl bracelet is an indispensable jewelry item in any woman’s collection.

Here’s how you can find the bracelet that best suits you.

  1. Bracelet Type

If you’re undecided about the type of pearl bracelet that will match your personal style or that of a friend, these pointers will help you decide.

Single Strand

This style of pearl bracelet is very delicate and feminine. The single strand design will make an invaluable addition to any woman’s wardrobe. The best quality of this type of pearl bracelet design is that it’s highly versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

Elegant attire will be nicely complemented by a beautiful white Japanese Akoya real pearl bracelet, whilst casual and playful outfits will be made to look more flattering when wearing a pearl bracelet made up of pink freshwater pearls.

Double Strand

This item of jewelry is best reserved for business meetings, formal events, and special occasions. Such would make the perfect pearl bracelet bridesmaid gift. The double strand pearl bracelet easily draws attention, enhancing the natural beauty of the wearer. For a classic, refined look, choose a double strand white pearl bracelet with a gold clasp.

But if you really want to stand out a black double strand pearl bracelet with a white gold clasp is the accessory you need.

With Or Without Clasp

Pearl bracelets that don’t have a clasp are not only convenient but also comfortable to wear. They are easy to slip on and off, making them perfect for women and girls who are always on the go and need to look polished in minutes.

The addition of a yellow or white gold clasp adds more value to a pearl bracelet, making it look more sophisticated. Opt for a clasp bracelet if you want to wear this jewelry to the office or to parties.

With Charms

Younger pearl wearers will fall in love with pearl bracelets that include charms. The playful look and feel make these Freshwater pearl accessories truly one of a kind.

Can be worn to boost a casual our relaxed outfit. This pearl bracelet with heart charms will look amazing when paired with jeans and a minimalistic t-shirt.

  1. Occasion

A pearl bracelet would make the perfect gift for any of the following events:


This is the perfect event to either start off or to complete a pearl jewelry collection. Pearl bracelets are very versatile and easy to wear with any attire.

Why not surprise your significant other with a Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet. Choose white pearls if she has medium to dark skin tones. They will contrast beautifully with her complexion. Black pearls will also look striking on those with a paler complexion and light colored hair.


These are suitable for both young ladies and more mature women. They make an excellent gift. Trendy teenagers will welcome a multicolored Freshwater pearl bracelet that they can accessorize with fun outfits.

Whereas business women, who are in and out of meetings will surely appreciate a sophisticated bracelet with large white pearls.


Pearl bracelets are unique, yet also a practical gift idea for presenting to your daughter on her graduation. Choose a simple pearl bracelet design made up of small pearls that will look flattering with both semi-formal outfits and casual attire.


Why not think about presenting the bride with a gold and pearl bracelet, and the bridesmaids with a silver and pearl bracelet. Either of these designs will add a real touch of elegance to the outfits that they are wearing. Plus it also provides them with a memento of such a beautiful day in their lives. Make sure that you select the right color pearls to complement the rest of the outfit being worn by the bride and the bridesmaids.

Also before you make any purchase make sure that you choose the right size bracelet for the wearer’s wrist. This is especially important if you intend to buy such a gift for a young girl or a teenager. It is important that you find out the size of the wrist so you don’t end up buying a pearl bracelet that is too small or too large for them to wear.

If the bracelet is too small then, of course, it will sit uncomfortably on their arm. However, if the bracelet is too big then, of course, it is going to move around a lot more. Again the woman or girl who is wearing it will find it awkward and uncomfortable when on.

Certainly here are we can offer you a good selection of pearl bracelets to choose from. So finding one either for yourself or for someone special in your life is going to be easy.

It is important that you don’t forget to take into consideration the age of the person, but also when they are likely to wear it. This way you can be assured of purchasing a real pearl bracelet that meets yours or their needs exactly. They and you will then enjoy wearing a pearl bracelet for many years to come and may well add other pieces to enhance its look further.