10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

10 Great Ways to Wear Pearls This Summer

We can barely contain our excitement for the upcoming summer months! The great days of summer are getting closer and during the spring is the perfect time to begin shedding bulky winter threads and replacing them with fun, breezy and incredibly chic clothing. When a new season comes, the annual renewal of trends (the old and once forgotten) begins.

What comes along with filling your closet with exciting new trends? Matching those trends with accessories that enhance your look from fabulous to overly sensational! At Pearls Only, we are ecstatic to find all of the many ways you can add pearls to your wardrobe. read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 of the Most Gorgeous Pearl Rings for Under $400

Pearl rings are growing in popularity because they are as versatile as a diamond, and also have the precious value of being unique and cultured. We, at Pearls Only, are excited to showcase some of our most beautiful and eye-catching pearl rings that are sure to make your friends “clutch their pearls”.

Today,  we are featuring five of our most gorgeous pearl rings that are perfect for either a loved one or for you! These rings come in all kinds of natural pearl colors, shapes, sizes, styles, finishes, and prices making it easy for you to get a set that best fits you. read more