black pearl bracelets

Black Pearl Bracelets – A Touch Of Class And Elegance

One piece of jewelry that is very prominent is a bracelet.  It is something that is not only beautiful to wear but also to look at it.  The wonderful thing is that these days there are some truly stunning black pearl bracelets available.  So finding one that not only suits your budget but also your tastes.

audrey hepburn pearl necklace

How To Recreate A Look Similar To Audrey Hepburn Style Icon

Even though Audrey Hepburn died in 1993 women around the world would still lave to be her.   Like so many actresses who came to prominence in the 1950’s and 1960’s, she had a sense of style that was so unique to her. Remember the famous Audrey Hepburn pearl necklace? She definitely defined her own way of wearing pearls.  She also carried herself with a grace, elegance, and class something that some women today try to emulate.  This is why so many women today see Audrey Hepburn as a style icon. read more

big pearl earrings

How To Make Big Pearl Earrings Work For You

There are certain items that should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  Most of us will have a little black dress and a nice pair of trousers.  But when it comes to jewelry earrings are just as important and even a pair of big pearl earrings can prove essential.

The great thing about including any style of pearl earrings as an accessory is that they all add a touch of glamour to the outfit you wear them with.   But you shouldn’t go for the first pair that you come across. Let us find out together how to choose the right pair of pearl earrings for you! read more

chocolate pearl earrings

What Style Of Chocolate Pearl Earrings Should You Wear?

These days you will find that pearls come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors.  One color that is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to pearls is chocolate.  So finding the right style of chocolate pearl earrings for you shouldn’t prove difficult. We are here to help you out with expert tips and trick on choosing the right pair style. Keep reading !

gold and pearl earrings

Buying Your First Pair Of Gold And Pearl Earrings

The wearing of earrings can be traced all the way back to ancient times.  Like earrings, today most were made from precious metals, stone, glass, coral and of course not forgetting pearls.  So a pair of gold and pearl earrings that you may wear today you could, of course, trace their history back to ancient Greece or Persia.

lavender pearl ring

How To Wear A Lavender Pearl Ring

As a color lavender has always been an interesting choice. It was noticed in several collections of well known designers such as fashion houses of Chloe, Dior, Jenny Packham, Nina Ricci ad Tadashi Shoji. If you like pastel tones and adore the shades of lavender, you should definitely consider adding some more bloom with a delicate lavender pearl ring or two. Your outfit will sing on a happier tune with such a pretty but statement accessory piece. In this article we will offer tips on how to dress up your wardrobe and accentuate your beauty with beautiful lavender pearl rings. read more

pearl pendant necklace

How To Wear A Pearl Pendant Necklace With Grace

Throughout the centuries, women have admired pearls around the world.  You only have to look at some of the world’s most popular celebrities to see how fabulous even a simple pearl pendant necklace is.  Pearls have become the epitome of elegance and can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit you choose to wear.  Of course you don’t need to stick with convention, there are plenty of ways to put a more contemporary twist on even the classic pearl.  Continue reading to find out our recommendations! read more

princess diana wearing pearls

Princess Diana – The Girl With The Pearl Earrings

It is so hard to imagine that this year will be the 21st Anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.  Yet even today she is still fondly remembered as the “People’s Princess”. This post is entirely dedicated to Lady Diana and her style choices when it came to pearl jewelry.  We will show you some remarkable outfits that she wore on different occasions and several pearl accessories that are similar to those she preferred to wear.

During her short life she really made a mark on the fashion world and these days a great many of the world’s top fashion designers are still inspired by her.  It was her unique combination of casual and regal elegance that made her such a fashion icon when she was alive.  This included her long time love of cultured pearls. read more

large pearl earrings

The Comeback of Large Pearl Earrings : From Classy to Street Style

Many celebrities pair elegance and sophistication with pearls. However, modern and chic are also an association to fashion styles also associated with pearls, as many world respected creators are continuing to use them in their creations. Large pearl earrings have a more dramatic flair and that surprise effect, most often people associate them with high fashion, red carpet glamour, but with the changing trends, big pearl earrings can also be worn on casual and street styles, and today we will show you how! read more

brides with bridesmaids

Pearl Jewelry Sets For Bridesmaids For a Touch of Sophistication

Are you considering pearl jewelry sets for bridesmaids?  If not, then we will show you many reasons to do it. For most women, the wedding day is the most important day of their lives, so it must be a day to remember from all points of view. It all starts with the choosing the day when the big event will take place, booking the venue well in advance and thinking about the entertainment that you will provide for the guests. Last but not least, you get to the details, meaning the arrangements, flowers, dresses, accessories and how to combine them to be aesthetically pleasing and of course, look gorgeous in the photos! Because it’s nice to have the memories printed on paper and keep them with you even when the age won’t allow you to remember everything in great detail. So, if you happen to be the bride, then for sure you’ll have to consider what your bridesmaids are going to wear too, including jewelry. read more