47 Amazing Pearl Inspired Outfits from Instagram

Hello, pearl lovers! If you haven’t had enough of pearls, today we will show you some amazing pearl outfits from Instagram! Since the previous two articles covered pearl fashion trends in terms of clothing items and pearl embellished accessories from designers and affordable brands, this blog post will actually show you some of our favorite pearl items incorporate into real and ready to wear outfits.

Pearl Embellished Accessories That Keep Trending

Today’s post is about pearl embellished accessories that keep trending. They are in this year’s fashion trends, but they have been popular over the past years as well. The previous article was about pearl fashion trends that have become prominent this year and which  have been spotted on fashion presentations, on the streets and on many outfits displayed by fashion bloggers. Now, we will show you 20 pearl embellished accessories that are totally fabulous. So, if you want to rejuvenate your spring and summer wardrobe, make sure to add some of these pearl accessories because we guarantee the “wow” effect.

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Pearl Fashion Trends In 2017 : Our Favorites

Pearl lovers, you will totally love this post! We bet you all noticed some pearl fashion trends that are accentuated this season. This spring and summer are welcoming every pearl touch you bring into your outfit. So, today, we decided to select some of the most obvious pearl fashion trends adopted by so many designers and clothing brands. Given the fact that pearls are so versatile and elegant, we don’t blame designers for incorporating them into their collections.

Wearing Pearls Like A Celebrity – Part II

Hello, dear pearl lovers! I hope you enjoyed the first article in which we tried to show you that wearing pearls like a celebrity is not hard at all. We briefly covered five fashion icons who became famous especially during the 1950s, but their sense of style remained eternal. What they all taught us is, and please keep this is in mind, that pearls are always appropriate. Always!

Wearing Pearls Like A Celebrity – Part I

Hello, pearl lovers! Today we will show you that wearing pearls like a celebrity is easier than we imagine. Ever wondered how to wear pearls like a true diva? We know you did and we’re pretty sure you found out already, but it never hurts to receive more tips. We’re excited to present you today some beautiful celebrities who were wearing pearls with style and who knew how to incorporate them in their attire.  Because they really managed to set foot prints in the world of fashion, they have become style icons who inspire us even in the present context.

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affordable pearl necklaces

5 Extremely Affordable Pearl Necklaces Under $50

Hello, pearl lovers! Today we will introduce you to 5 affordable pearl necklaces that are exactly what you need when you’re on a budget. What we love about them is that they all look as if you spent much more on them. They really represent some elegant options from our finest collections and all of them cost under $50. Maybe you did not have the time to search through all of them or maybe you did not realize that we also have pearl necklaces at lower costs (this does not mean that they have a lower quality), but PearlsOnly can also make you look exquisite without spending too much money. We care about all our customers, so we are constantly looking to satisfy all your needs. Because we want to make your job even easier, we also offered an outfit suggestion for each pearl necklace.

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5 Designer Pearl Accessories for Young Ladies

What can be more beautiful and important for a young girl than receiving a piece of designer pearl accessories for her sweet sixteen, high-school graduation or college admittance? Pearls are indeed a woman’s best friend and teenage years are the perfect time for them to begin learning and appreciating the beauty of pearl jewelry. However, in our modern times, mothers don’t simply offer their little girls their wedding pearls or their grandmother’s pearl bracelet. While pearls will never be obsolete, young, sassy and smart little ladies of our time need something truly special.

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3 Contemporary Pearl Necklace Designs for Modern Women

We have talked about pearl necklaces before, but in truth, this is a discussion that never ends. Pearls will be forever versatile and surprising. When we think about pearl necklaces, the first thing that comes to our minds are the classic strings of pearls featuring these little precious gems in a row of classiness and taste. Without any doubt, no matter their length, traditional pearl necklaces are still some of the most appraised and popular pearl jewelry pieces to date. However, some contemporary pearl necklace designs stood out from the crowd at fashion shows and runway presentations.

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Wear the Rainbow: Unusually Colored Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are a symbol of femininity and grace. For many years long and multi-layered strands of white pearls have been associated with the sophisticated elegance and opulence advocated by Coco Chanel. Other famous women have turned pearls into a personal trademark, being proud to wear these gorgeous little gems in any given occasion. Lately, brides all over the world went over the classic prejudice that pearls and wedding ceremonies meant bad luck. Now they are shining bright with their pearl pieces. But as we all know, pearls cannot be seen just through a black or white lens. We now have access to a myriad of unusually colored pearl jewelry.

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When and How to Wear Pearl Drop Earrings – A Style Guide

If you paid attention to the latest events involving red carpets and plenty of celebrities, you surely noticed many such world-popular women are wearing pearl drop earrings, pearl chandelier earrings, and pearl dangles to style up their outfits and enhance their facial features. When it comes to pearl drop earrings, things take a more glamorous path, even if some pearl drop earrings can be easily integrated into casual or business attire. The more complicated and statement-like the pearl earrings look (in terms of design and accompanying metals or gemstones), the more elegant the outfit and the occasion must be.

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