PEARL FASHION: 4 Different Methods to Layering Your Pearls

We at Pearls Only, are huge advocates for layering pearls because it is fun and complimenting to all!

A woman who wears pearls is confident, charismatic and completely modish so when she decides to stack them on she is 3x that.

The question that we get often is how to switch up the traditional way of laying pearls—well, look no further because we have just that for you!

There are many different kinds of ways to layer your pearls including but not limited to:

Simply Layering Pearls- Women of all ages, professions and styles tend to run to this kind of pearl layering because it is simple, fun, and effective. All you need is 2-3 pearl necklaces and if you really want to make a statement add one additional opera length pearl necklace and wrap it twice for a fuller look. This style looks great most occasions! read more