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PearlsOnly South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls

PearlsOnly are able to offer you a great selection of Genuine South Sea Pearls that create the perfect statement pieces of jewelry. Ideal for those who really need to stand out in the crowd.
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Explore our collection of delicate South Sea Pearl Necklace Designs made from beautiful white or gold pearls.


Any one of sets of South Sea Pearl Earrings in our collection will be perfect for wearing with any outfit.


Nothing will look more alluring than one of white or gold South Sea Pearl Pendants when being worn.

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South Sea Pearls Buying Tips

South Sea pearls are considered the most valuable pearls in the world and can be beautifully paired with elegant and smart-casual outfits. South Sea pearls are thought to be the queen’s cultured pearls, as they are not only larger than all other varieties but also very rare. Due to their incredibly white palette of colors, hues, and overtones, South Sea pearls are also versatile, refined and surprising, no matter how and where you style them. Before buying South Sea pearl jewelry you need to consider the following criteria:


South Sea pearls feature four main colors and a myriad of shades and hues.

White South Sea pearls are not crispy white, but optic white or creamy, sporting beautiful nuances of ivory or pale pink overtones. Such pearls go great with casual, business-chic and formal outfits, enhancing a woman’s skin tone.

Black South Sea pearls are rarely black, but rather come in dark shades of green, navy blue, purple, peacock and dark grey. They can enhance any elegant outfit, evening dress or business power suit.

Silver South Sea pearls are very rare and expensive, featuring pink or aqua blue overtones. Such pearls are recommended to women experimenting with pearls for the first time, as they are versatile and chic without overwhelming an outfit. They go great with evening gowns and deep plunging V-neck outfits. They also go great with stacked necklaces, chains, and pendants being versatile enough to compliment a formal outfit or a street-casual one.

Golden South Sea pearls are the rarest and the most expensive types, sporting a wide range of hues from sparkling champagne to glowing ivory, and cream, pink overtones, and shiny gold surfaces. Large in size they are a staple of femininity and refinement.

Before buying South Sea pearls, you should also take into account their shape and luster, two essential criteria that speak about the pearls’ quality. Keep in mind that South Sea pearls are large in size, but specialists recommend the smaller varieties (around 8 to 10mm in diameter) to younger girls and the larger varieties (up to 15mm in diameter) to more mature women.

Remember that the pearls’ hues and undertones should complement your skin tone and hair. For instance, pink pearls make all women with dark hair look spectacular, while lavender-hued pearls turn a pale complexion with warm undertones into a work of art.