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Pearl Jewelry Sets For Bridesmaids For a Touch of Sophistication

Are you considering pearl jewelry sets for bridesmaids?  If not, then we will show you many reasons to do it. For most women, the wedding day is the most important day of their lives, so it must be a day to remember from all points of view. It all starts with the choosing the day when the big event will take place, booking the venue well in advance and thinking about the entertainment that you will provide for the guests. Last but not least, you get to the details, meaning the arrangements, flowers, dresses, accessories and how to combine them to be aesthetically pleasing and of course, look gorgeous in the photos! Because it’s nice to have the memories printed on paper and keep them with you even when the age won’t allow you to remember everything in great detail. So, if you happen to be the bride, then for sure you’ll have to consider what your bridesmaids are going to wear too, including jewelry. read more

The Floating Pearl Necklace – Create a New Fashion Perspective

If you fall among that group of women who don’t like the traditional stuff, the floating pearl necklace is the perfect solution that can be adjusted to your personality and fashion style. Pearl necklaces have always been considered a symbol of elegance and one of the must-have pieces that can be found in a jewelry box of every true lady. However, fashion changes and trends come and go under the runway spotlight. A few years ago, strand pearl necklaces were a must have, even if they were faux, while in today’s fashion, the traditional can be changed to a more minimalist and natural design that simply floats on your neckline! Continue reading and discover what our lovely customers prefer- the top 3 choices of floating pearl necklaces! read more

pearl choker necklace

The Pearl Choker Necklace – The Ultimate Symbol of Femininity

The knowledge about the millennial heritage associated with the pearl choker necklace, and interpreting it to your personal can benefit from both assumptions when it comes to building a bold look. The trick is to be able to compete with the ever changing trends and demands of the fashion industry on looking, original, polished and bold at the same time. In the past we already wrote that there are ways that you can spice up your pearl choker necklaces, and this time we will reflect and reveal how you can enhance the traditional look with some wardrobe color choices, and reflect how the celebrities did it and still do it today. read more

blue pearl necklace

The Blue Pearl Necklace – Wear Something Different

A blue pearl necklace can be intriguingly mesmerizing, don’t you think? Most common colors start with white, and then gradually go through shades of lavender, pink, gold and even black. Depending on their breeding and origin, they can have different pigmented undertones that are perfect for designing multicolored jewelry that goes perfectly with the ever changing demand of trends, season colors, etc. The blue pearl necklaces can be the next head turner in your accessory collection, particularly if you are of those people who love wearing bold and vibrant colors such as yellow. Continue reading to find out our top choices of necklaces with blue pearls from our own collection. Find out how to style it and how to take care of it as well! read more

An alternative to Expensive Gifts: the Cheap Pearl Necklace

Mother’s day is the special day that celebrates motherhood and the most irreplaceable person in our lives. We think we all agree it should be cherished all year round and that a small gift from your huge heart can truly mark the moment. Are you on a budget this year? A cheap pearl necklace does not mean fake or cheesy. It actually means affordable! On the contrary, low priced pearl necklaces can be found across all types of pearls. This time we prepared a selection of cheap pearl necklaces that are considered the top accessory among pearl jewelry, as they can be dominant and most eye-catching since they frame your face and cannot be missed by anyone who is talking to you in person. read more

From Princess Diana to Kate Middleton: the Legacy of the Three Strand Pearl Bracelet

In 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was photographed wearing a three strand pearl bracelet that had a strikingly eerie resemblance to the one worn by Princess Diana. Once these photographs surfaced, while the royalty was touring Poland and Germany, it was the bracelet that got everyone talking. Nigel Milne, the designer of the three strand pearl bracelet later confirmed that the piece indeed was the one that belonged to Princess Diana. Everyone knows that the Duchess of Cambridge is a lover of hand-me-down jewelries and this piece was no different. This post will show you some of our top pearl bracelets and will give you some useful tips as well. read more

The Mesmerizing Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Why do women worship pearls? Is there some secret connection between them? Even though traditionally pearls are associated with the color white, there is something mysterious with the dark, deep sea color of Tahitian pearl pendants.  They simply glorify the process of making a single pearl. Pearls are born naturally beautiful with a deeply embedded glow. The greatest magic of pearls is to shine and thus reflect their beauty on the one who carries them. Their timeless beauty and sensuality are eternal, and always give a glimpse of glamour.  Read more and discover some wonderful designs from our collection of black pearl pendants. read more

champagne pearl necklace

3 Fashionable Ways to Style a Champagne Pearl Necklace

You can never have too much of stylish jewellery! Talking about stylish, how about a champagne pearl necklace? The sad fact prevails that we cannot afford every piece of jewellery that hits the market. That’s when we need to improvise on the resources that we already have at hand. Thus, whenever we purchase jewellery, we think about the versatility and utility of the piece. By far, pearl necklaces are the most useful and resourceful item that you can use in many ways. Whether it is wrapping them around your wrist to make it a pearl bracelet, or getting a long string of pearls and layering it up to make a dramatic neck piece, the possibilities are endless and up for exploration! read more

Your Style Guide for Wearing Pearl Bracelets – Single or Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are a classic jewellery item that should be present in almost everyone’s wardrobe. This post will mostly be about the double strand pearl bracelet. It can be worn effortlessly with every clothing item and you can rarely go wrong with pearls. Whether you are trying to pull off an elegant vintage look or a modern, edgy ensemble; pearls can help you achieve that look. All you need is the mastery of how to coordinate the pearls with your outfit and you can put on a stunning appearance. Pearls can make a boring outfit exciting and add that ‘something special’ to your everyday attires. read more

Cheap Pearl Earrings For Every Pocket

Here is the ultimate guide to getting your ideal pearl earrings with  a limited budget. Cheap pearl earrings can be found everywhere, but not cheap but real pearl earrings. We all know there are many styles and many shapes of earrings. It depends on your outfit, makeup, personal taste, and of course budget. Every day we see celebrities wearing high end and custom tailored outfits, with flawless faces done by professional makeup artists and jewelry that seems so expensive it is still reserved for royalty in today’s time of democracy. That’s not entirely true. With careful research and budget planning you also can find a set of elegant pearls for you or your loved ones. For example, on our website you can find several pearl earrings for around $50 a pair. Read more to find our which pair suits you better. read more