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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Love Pearl Gift Sets & Why Gifts Matter

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are pretty sure you’ve already started preparing a beautiful surprise. How does a love pearl gift set sound to you? We think this post will save you from the time-consuming task of looking for the perfect gift. Let’s face it. Spotting Valentine’s Day gift ideas should be easy breezy, right? But it’s not always easy to surprise our loved one, even when you know her well and you have exchanged a lot of gifts. With our love pearl necklace gift sets and earrings, Pearls Only wants to give you some useful tips and send the pressure away. read more

Short Introduction to Mikimoto Pearls & Three Other Famous Pearls

Everyone knows about the Mikimoto pearls empire. It has become a  true and unique cornerstone in the world and market of pearl jewelry.“You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all” used to say  Ki Hackney. And we totally agree.

Pearls have always fascinated people – they’re the epitome of luxury and beauty. They can be classical and modern. They look good on all women, regardless of age or social status. Pearls can be worn with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, or they can gloriously hang around the neck of princesses and queens. They can make anyone who’s passionate about jewelry fall even deeper in love with pearls. And if you don’t own a pearl, well, we believe it’s about time you did! read more


Desirable, yet affordable. Explore the world of South Sea pearls by owning your own pair of South Sea pearl earrings. They will accentuate your love for natural beauty and they will reveal yours. Just like the necklaces, the South Sea pearl earrings will brighten up your face features and make you truly glow in a sensual, yet discrete and feminine manner. This post will show you six exquisite pairs of South Sea pearl earrings that will make you fall in love with pearl jewelry. Read more to find out what makes them so special and how you can wear them. read more


Are you making the list with things to try, achieve, buy, or explore in 2018? Well, we are here to show you that pearl jewelry deserves a fair place on your wish list. If you already are a pearl lover, then you know what to expect from pearls. But if you haven’t owned a pearl accessory item in your collection by now, then you should definitely consider it. Read more to find out our main ten reasons for adding pearls to your wardrobe. There is something very special about them that deserve your ultimate attention. We promise! read more

Christmas Outfit Ideas For Any Kind of Celebration

What are you going to wear on Christmas? This is the question that has been asked so many times in the last weeks. Have you found your Christmas outfit? If not, we have decided to give you some help in finding the right Christmas outfit for you. We have selected some wonderful Christmas looks, appropriate for the occasion. Find out what will make you shine!

Celebrate in Style: Pearl Christmas Ornaments

For most of us, Christmas decorations are indispensable when it comes to celebrating this wonderful holiday. For those who love pearls, we have curated a list of pearl Christmas ornaments that will enchant your eyes and your guests. Any pearl lover knows that pearls are always appropriate and you can use them to decorate so many things, not just your outfits 😊. For this reason, we have decided to show you how easily you can incorporate them this season into your Christmas decorations.


The Christmas season is on, pearl lovers. Looking for a nice and thoughtful Christmas present? This holiday gift guide will show you some beautiful pearl jewelry gift ideas for the woman you love and appreciate so much. Grab a cup of warm coffee and tea, get comfortable and spend 10 minutes reading this article. Find out what holiday gift is appropriate for your mom, wife and sweet daughter.

The women in your life deserve a stunning piece of jewelry that will last beyond the season…so make sure to check our suggestions and to pick the one that you consider best. Since white is the predominant winter color, all these jewelry gift sets are made of white pearls, decorated with silver or gold. read more


Who doesn’t love a tea party? But have you ever hosted one? Wondering how to make it great? This post will show you how to host a high tea party at home or at a certain venue, activities to do at a tea party, and of course…we will talk about the high tea party dress code. There are a lot of things to take into account if you want to have a memorable day, especially if you want to make an amazing impression. They are not hard to accomplish, so grab a pen, a warm cup of tea, your agenda and start making notes. Find out how easy you can turn yourself into a party planner. read more

9 Easy Ways To Tell Real Pearls From Fake

Wondering how to tell real pearls from fake ones? Nowadays, you can easily find various types and shapes of pearls on the market and you should know how to identify real pearls. Not all pearls are real pearls. There are a lot of vendors who claim that they are offering authentic pearls and instead they are selling you plastic beads. With the increased number of online pearl stores, no wonder you question yourself more than once whether the pearls you want to buy are real. Therefore, you need to know how to identify fake pearls and what to do if you get the feeling you’re getting tricked. read more

16 Tips Inspired by The Old Hollywood Glamour

The old Hollywood glamour will always be a valid source of inspiration for many of us. Its timeless style is loved and embraced by those of us who want to look flawless and charming. Sophisticated and feminine styles from that period have become today’s hottest trends. Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor are just few iconic names who left their footprints in the history of elegance. They all have had a lingering effect on fashion industry and pop culture. Moreover, beauty and make up trends are still strongly influenced by the glamorous Old Hollywood starlets. If you want to discover how to achieve the stylish retro look, that was prominent during this remarkable period, we’ve broken down the steps below. read more