How Are Edison Pearls Made?

white edison pearl ring

The Company that produces Edison pearls closely guards the techniques that they use to create these beautiful jewels.  This includes not allowing people to know on which of their farms that each of the pearls they produced is grown.

However one thing that we do know is that they carefully select which molluscs will be used in the process.  This selection is done through genetic research that they have carried out.

Once they have chosen the molluscs to use in the making of cultured Edison pearls they are then implanted with a tiny bead.  This is unusual, as normally freshwater molluscs will have a small piece of mussel tissue implanted into them to create pearls.

Also when it comes to producing any Edison pearl a special method is used to insert the bead into the mollusc.  This method differs somewhat from other techniques used by other freshwater pearl farmers to produce these beautiful gems.

Also when it comes to how are Edison pearls made the temperature of the water in which the molluscs live differs.  When it comes to producing these pearls it also depends on the seasons.  The water levels also vary in which they hang the molluscs as this helps to cultivate much better pearls.



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