How To Buy Affordable Pearl Gifts This Christmas

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With Christmas fast approaching, you may wonder what to buy your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter as a gift.  Well like so many others buying them a piece of jewelry that includes pearls in the design is a great idea.   Even affordable pearl gifts make amazing presents and are something that the recipient can cherish for many years to come.

So what kind of inexpensive pearl gifts could you consider giving to someone you care deeply for this coming Christmas?   Below we offer up some ideas for pearl gifts you could present to them.

Affordable Pearl Gift Ideas

  1. Pearl & Rose Gold Jewelry

Any woman who wears such jewelry will look elegant.   Not only is gold timeless, but it also blends well with all skin tones.  Whether the woman you are presenting it to is a little glamour puss or prefers to look stylish yet understated such pearl gifts for her would be well received.

You could either go for a ring, some beautiful pearl earrings, a bracelet, a pearl necklace or a pearl pendant.  All of these will look amazing when worn by the recipient.


  1. Pearl Choker

Yes the choker was very popular back in the 90’s.  This is because the likes of Princess Diana favoured it.  However, this simple but elegant piece of pearl jewelry has started to make a comeback once more.   Unlike some other necklaces, a choker can be worn on its own or if with several longer necklaces.

The great thing about these types of affordable pearl gifts is that they come in a variety of different materials, and you can get them with a variety of different colour pearls.  It is important that before purchasing you find out what kinds of necklaces that the recipient likes to wear.


  1. Stackable Pearl Ring

If you are looking for inexpensive pearl gifts for a young lady, this would be a good option.  You can either buy them a couple of rings that they can wear together or look for ones that have been specifically designed to be worn together or separately.

The secret to finding the perfect type of stackable pearl ring is to focus on one that includes small pearls in the design.  If the piece of jewelry is made up of 2 or 3 rings that link together, then the more cohesive the ring will look.


  1. Pearl Ear Cuffs

If your wife, girlfriend, daughter or granddaughter doesn’t have their ears pierced this is a really wonderful present to give them this Christmas.  These types of pearl jewelry are very much on trend at the moment and help to give the illusion that the ears have been pierced.   Each cuff hugs the earlobe and provides a very stylish look to any outfit they are worn with.

To really impress the recipient of this gift be sure that you opt for the  most eye-catching pear ear cuff that you can afford.


  1. Pearl Midi Ring

They design this type of ring to be worn just above the wearer’s knuckle on their middle finger.  This is certainly the kind of gift that you teenagers will love to wear.


affordable pearl gift

Like the pearl ear cuffs, pearl midi rings are trending at this time and like any other pieces of affordable pearl jewelry add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit.   There are many different styles of such rings now available, so finding one that person receiving it as a gift will want to wear shouldn’t prove difficult.


  1. Layered Pearl Necklace

Although these types of necklaces have been popular for many years, using multiple strands of pearls to then create a layered effect is on trend at this time.

You can either choose to buy already designed layered necklaces as a gift, or you could instead buy say one long length necklace or a couple of mid-length ones for the person who will be wearing them as a gift this Christmas.

If you are considering buying say two or three pearl necklaces as a gift for someone you cannot go wrong with opting for those made from cultured pearls.  Also if you are considering such why not choose to buy them with different colour pearls in the design.


  1. Pearl Cocktail Ring

This is the kind of affordable pearl gift that women of all ages would love to own and wear.   Not only do they look fantastic when worn with more formal attire, but look just as stunning when your wife, girlfriend or daughter chooses to team hers with a pair of jeans, and t-shirt.

As you will discover pearl cocktail rings are available in a variety of different designs.  They also come with a variety of different size and coloured pearls in them.   But choose a design that not only looks wonderful but suits the size of the wearers fingers.


  1. Pearl Bracelet

Nothing looks more stunning than a beautiful pearl bracelet.  You could either choose one that is made up of a single row of pearls or one that is made up of several rows.  You could even think about buying them one that is made up of different colour pearls as well.

Hopefully above has provided you with some ideas of what to buy for the woman in your life who would cherish such a gift for many years to come.   However, if you’ve never considered buying her affordable pearl gifts before you may find the task a little daunting.

But with a little bit of research and some advice from us you should be able to find them the perfect gift made from pearls to present to them this Christmas.



Advice On Shopping For Inexpensive Pearl Gifts

  1. Choosing The Right Pearl Type

When it comes to buying pearl jewelry you need to take into consideration the different types of pearls available.  Know that Tahitian, South Sea and Akoya pearls often are much more expensive to buy.  The reason for this is that In most cases it takes longer for the oyster to create them and also they tend to come in much larger sizes.

When it comes to looking for affordable pearl earrings this Christmas you should consider buying jewelry that includes Freshwater pearls in the design.  Not only do they come in a range of different sizes, but also in different colours.

affordable pearl earrings


  1. Choosing The Perfect Size Pearl

As already mentioned pearls do come in a wide variety of different sizes.  However, the most popular sizes tend to be between 7 and 9.5mm in size.  Not only are these considered to be more traditional but also are more versatile.

It is important to remember when looking for inexpensive pearl gifts this Christmas, that the larger the pearls in the jewelry, then the more the piece will cost.   So keeping to smaller size pearls means you will be able to buy something beautiful that won’t break the bank.


  1. Set A Budget

Before you even start looking for affordable pearl gifts think carefully about how much you can afford to spend on such an amazing gift.  Ideally, we would recommend you set yourself a budget of say around $100.  This will allow you to then choose some truly beautiful pieces of jewelry that include pearls in their design.


  1. Buy From A Retailer Who Specializes In Pearls

The majority of jewelers today have very little understanding or knowledge concerning pearls.  Choosing jewelers who specifically only sell pearl jewelry is a wise choice.  They will only sell to you the finest pearls that they can buy.


  1. Look For Company’s With A Solid Return Policy

Pearls always look wonderful in photos, but they can appear to look different in natural light.  So it is important that you choose a retailer who offers you the opportunity to be able to return or exchange the piece of pearl jewelry you’ve purchased as a gift.  Also make sure that the company you choose is one that provides a certificate of authenticity with the jewelry you are purchasing.

affordable pearls


  1. Look For A Company That Offers Direct Customer Service

Only ever buy affordable pearl gifts online from a retailer who is willing to respond to any questions you may have.  Look for company’s that have a quick and easy way for you to be able to contact them.  Company’s that have a email address, a phone number or even a live chat facility is ideal.


  1. Does The Company Offer Good Discounts?

If the price they are quoting is the same, as you would expect to pay in your local jewelers, then it is hardly worth considering buying such a gift online.   However, if they do offer you a competitive price and also a larger range of different styles of pearl jewelry, then purchasing from such a company is to be seriously considered.

Here at Pearlsonly, we offer a fantastic array of affordable pearl gifts that you could present to that important woman in your life this Christmas.  You are sure to find something that really suits their personality and taste, whilst still within your budget limits.

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