What Is The Most Expensive Pearl Colour?

expensive pearls

If you haven’t owned any pearl jewelry before, then you may find yourself somewhat confused by how prices can vary so much.  For example why is it that say a pendant can cost no more than $50, yet another can be as much as $5,000.  Well it really all comes down to the kind of pearls that are used in creating such pieces of jewelry.

Another factor also that needs to be taken into consideration is the actual colour of the pearls used.  But you may think well why is it that a piece of jewelry containing say South Sea or Tahitian pearls cost more than say Akoya pearls?

Not only do the molluscs above create pearls that are naturally coloured, black, gold or white.  They also take considerably longer to produce compared to those farmed in China or Japan.

But What Is The Most Expensive Pearl Colour?

Of all the different pearl colours available the most expensive of these are the White and Gold South Sea pearls.   As it takes such a long time for the creation of these particular pearls it means that we consider them to be more rare.  As a result of this the cost of these pearls is much higher.

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