Tin Cup Pearl Necklace – Owning One Is So Special

tin cup pearl necklace

Often pearls are looked as a simple accessory, but no one can say the same about the tin cup pearl necklace. Certainly, most women tend to associate such with glamorous movie stars or royalty. Yet it isn’t very often that a particular pearl necklace becomes famous. What we are talking about here is the Tin Cup pearl necklace. Refined and delicate in the same time, it will add a subtle nnoe of elegance to any outfit. Read this post to find out who can wear this kind of delicate pearl necklace!

It gained its name after being worn by the beautiful actress Rene Russo in the rom-com film called “Tin Cup”.   Although we all refer to it as this these days it can also be known as the station or floating necklace.

tin cup pearl necklace

The controlled and polished design of this necklace helped to emulate the relaxed confidence of the character played by Rene Russo in the movie.

If you were to watch this movie you would see just how simple the design is.  The one she was made up of Akoya pearls measuring 7-8 mm in diameter.  They were then placed at intervals along a fine silk thread, which made them look as if they were floating.

So What Is A Tin Cup Pearl Necklace?

What makes this necklace so different from other pearl necklaces is the use of either a length of chain or silk.  Then on to this gets threaded the pearls that are placed are equal distances along the length of the silk or chain.

But conventional pearl necklaces will feature tight knots of silk within the design.  These abut close to the pearls beside each other and help to ensure that the necklace is kept secure and stops the pearls from getting damaged by preventing them rubbing against each other.

However, you will notice that with say an Akoya pearl tin cup necklace that the pearls have more room to breathe.   As a result of this, you end up with a necklace that isn’t just elegant and refined but also a little more unique.

tin cup pearl necklace

Even though it is over 20 years since such jewelry appeared on the scene, this design is proving just as popular today as it was back then.

This is because it isn’t just gold or silver chains or silk that will be used to create say a pink pearl tin cup necklace.  Some jewelry designers have decided to use leather in order to bind the pearls together.   Plus the design allows for the inclusion of other precious or semi-precious stones as well.

Just imagine how stunning a tin cup black pearl necklace would look if included in the design were some diamonds or sapphires.  Not only will such add a touch more interest to the piece but also a touch more brilliance.

But What Size Tin Cup Pearl Necklace Should You Get?

With such a wide array of different tin cup pearl necklaces now available, deciding what size is right for you can prove difficult.  So below we put together a simple guide to help you decide which size of pearls of your freshwater pearl tin cup necklace should have.

tin cup pearl necklace

What you may not realise is that your age will play a huge role in deciding on what size of pearls are used in the necklace that you get.

For Young Teens

Girls between the ages of say 12 and 16 years should be wearing say a freshwater tin cup pearl necklace with pearls measuring between 5 and 6 mm in diameter.  This will sit elegantly against their skin and will certainly add some warm tones to it as well.

For Girls In Their Late Teens Early Twenties

If you are looking to buy an Akoya tin cup pearl necklace for your daughter, granddaughter or niece that fall into this age group choose one that has pearls measuring 6 to 6.5 mm in diameter.  They don’t look too oversized on the wearer who should of by now reached their adult height.

For Women Aged 25 To 30 Years

You can go slightly bigger here and wear say a south sea pearl tin cup necklace that uses pearls measuring between 6.5 and 7 mm in diameter.  Some more petite women in this age group may also find wearing one with smaller pearls is better.   Plus the chances of them outgrowing such a necklace isn’t likely to happen until they are in their early thirties.

tin cup pearl necklace

For Women Over The Age Of 30

If you are in your early thirties you may find you should choose a tin cup pearl necklace that contains pearls measuring between 7 and 7.5 mm in diameter.  It is actually the perfect starter necklace for women who haven’t worn pearls before.

But if you are over 30 you may find wearing one with pearls measuring between 7.5 and 8 mm in diameter is more suitable.  Not only do they stand out better against your skin but add a real touch of elegance to any outfit you choose to wear yours with.

However, if you really want to stand out in the crowd you can always select a tin cup pearl necklace that contains much larger sized pearls.  But remember, as the pearls get bigger so the price of the tin cup necklace you buy will be higher.  Plus the thickness of the gold, silver or silk thread will be much greater, in turn pushing the price of the piece up.

Hopefully the above will help you with selecting the most suitable size of tin cup pearl necklace for you.  Remember tin cup pearl necklaces are very unique and will certainly catch the eye of those who see you wearing one.

tin cup pearl necklace

Just like any other pearl necklace when it comes to owning a tin cup one you need to take care of it properly.  If you don’t then the chances of yours coming apart at any point in the future is greatly increased.

As tin cup pearl necklaces are made up of a variety of different materials you need to know how to care of each one.  Below is a little advice on how to care for your beautiful tin cup pearl necklace now and in the future.

Caring For Tin Cup Pearl Necklaces

1. If you have purchased a tin cup pearl necklace gold chain design you need to use specialist cleaning agents on the gold. These you can get by visiting your local jewelry store or purchasing online.  You can also just clean them using a mix of mild detergent with warm water.  You will also need a soft small brush.   You can also use the same for cleaning silver.

2. Make sure that you apply any makeup, hairspray or perfume before you put your necklace on. This ensures that none of the chemicals found in such will be able to come into contact with the pearls.  If it does over time these chemicals can eat away at the nacre.  This will result in the pearls starting to lose their shine and luster.

3. Just like the silver or gold used in the making of tin cup pearl necklaces you need to make sure that you take care of the pearls. So after you’ve worn the necklace it is important that you give each of the pearls a quick wipe with a soft cloth that has been dipped in warm water.  This will help not only to remove any chemicals from the surface of the pearls but also any acids that your skin has excreted. All of these if allowed to remain on the surface of the pearls will start to eat away at its surface.

tin cup pearl necklace

  1. To ensure that no further damage is caused to your tin cup pearl necklace make sure to keep it separate from other jewelry. The best way of doing this is to place it into its own well-lined jewelry box.  But don’t place into a soft cloth pouch as this may cause the necklace to become entangled.

You will notice that the silver or gold thread used in creating such unique beautiful pieces of jewelry is very fine.  So the risk of it breaking is very great, this is why we recommend you keep it in a jewelry box specifically designed for it such as the ones provided by us here at Pearlsonly.com.  Actually, it is best to keep it in the box that it was presented to you in.  If you really want to provide additional protection then place a soft cloth over the top of it once it is in the box.

  1. Another thing we would recommend that you do after purchasing such a piece is to get it regularly inspected. If you are intending to wear yours on a regular basis then have a jeweler check it over at least once a year.  They can check to see if there is any weakness in the gold or silver thread and replace it if necessary.  They will also make sure that the knots on either side of the pearls remain tight.  Then should the necklace break not all of the pearls will fall off it.

Also not forgetting it is the knotting on either side of the pearls that prevents them from coming into contact with each other.  This, in turn, means that the risk of the pearls getting damaged in your tin cup pearl necklace is reduced, as it prevents them from rubbing against each other.

All in all, we hope you have enjoyed our selection of tin cup pearl necklaces. You can browse our website and find your ideal pearl piece today!

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