Pearls for prom

Prom season is almost here! You’ve all worked so hard and now you’re looking forward to ending your term in the true style of prom. You probably have a million things buzzing around in your minds about what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to have your make-up and most importantly, who’s going to be your date! Prom can be a magical time but also a stressful one if you are getting yourself in a bit of a mess trying to work out what’s going to look best on you.

We know you have been browsing the net endlessly and have been shopping with your girlfriends trying to piece together the perfect look. But why not begin with something as simple as a pearl bracelet or necklace? You don’t always shave to begin with the dress, pick the accessories first then choose the dress afterwards, it really works. read more

ASK MS. ELITOU: How do I wear pearls to the prom?

Dear Ms. Elitou:

Prom time is coming and I have no idea what to wear!!! My grandma gave a string of pearls that she wore to her prom and she wants me to wear them… I’m not sure what I can wear with them that will look young, hip and chic. Please help!!!

-Grandma’s Pearls

That is really cool that your grandma has kept the pearls that she wore to her prom, and now is giving them to you to wear. There are plenty of looks that will go great with her pearls you just have to know what look you are going for. read more