ASK MS. ELITOU: How do I wear pearls to the prom?

Dear Ms. Elitou:

Prom time is coming and I have no idea what to wear!!! My grandma gave a string of pearls that she wore to her prom and she wants me to wear them… I’m not sure what I can wear with them that will look young, hip and chic. Please help!!!

-Grandma’s Pearls

That is really cool that your grandma has kept the pearls that she wore to her prom, and now is giving them to you to wear. There are plenty of looks that will go great with her pearls you just have to know what look you are going for. read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Marilyn Monroe Only Loved to Wear Her Husband’s Pearls

Marilyn Monroe is forever an icon of style but an interesting fact that many of you may not know is that this fashion influencer had almost no interest in jewelry. There was one piece that she really treasured and that was a simple 16 inch string of pearls given to her by her husband, Joe DiMaggio, during their Japan honeymoon in January 1954.

Monroe and DiMaggio divorced later in the year (1954) allegedly due to DiMaggio’s constant requests for Marilyn to give up her career. During their divorce hearing, it turns out that she still had love for not only DiMaggio, but she also still had love for the Mikimoto pearl necklace he had given her because she wore it to court during their divorce hearing. read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Miranda Kerr Sports Pearls on the Beach in Australia

Many of us are extremely eager for Spring to make its awesome return, let alone summertime! We are all waiting for that moment when we can go outside with no coat, feel the breeze on our skin, and reap the benefit of the wonderful sun.

Well, supermodel Miranda Kerr, got to experience fun in the sun and take a break from the cold on the beach in her native country, Australia.

Sydney native, Miranda, showed her appreciation for Australia Day on Instagram when she posted an image of her in a fashionable black bikini, wide-brim hat, and darling pearls along with the caption: “Sending lots of love to my fellow Australians! We’re so blessed with such a beautiful country! #happyaustraliaday.” read more

DIY Pearls: Braided Pearl Necklace by @looktv

It’s that time again when we deliver you with the best of Do-It-Yourself guides that are done with pearls.

We love this video on how to make a braided pearl necklace. This is a unique and fun way to wear your pearls. We think that Look DIY, has a good thing going with this video and we look forward to other video ideas that they have to offer.

So if you would like to channel Coco Chanel a la Rihanna, here is your chance to be creative and couture.

Here is what you will need:
• 3 small pearl strands
• 2 pink medium pearl strands
• 2 ft of large gold chain
• Pliers
• Scissors
• and E-6000 glue read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she shows us that pearls can be unique and ultimately flirty.

Wendy, blogger of her own fashion diary, Wendy’s Lookbook, showcases a darling little black dress and accessorizes appropriately with a quilted clutch, a pearl necklace with awesome lip framing and a great amount of confidence and sophistication. This look is so darling that it really caught our attention.

Take a closer look at the detail of the necklace, amazing. What do you think of this look? read more

21 Ways to Wear Your Pearls Day or Night


Pearls are not just for your grandma anymore!

Pearls have become a growing trend in fashion as they add a since of class and panache to bright colored clothing like ruby reds and emerald greens. Perish the thought of wearing just a thread of white pearls because pearls can be found in an array colors including black, pink and lavender. There are also a variety of styles and setting to choose from. Whether the pearl is in a star setting surrounded by diamonds or a cluster of pearls wrapped perfectly into a double strand necklace, pearls are the new go-to pieces to accentuate your wardrobe. read more

Akoya Pearl Necklace

Akoya pearl necklaces can be found in just about every well-dressed woman’s wardrobe thanks to the work of Mikimoto, the father of modern pearl cultivation. A simple stand of pearls is often passed down through the generations from mother to daughter.

A necklace of Akoya pearls is seen by many women as a rite of passage, usually given on the girl’s sixteenth birthday. The beauty of a pearl necklace is that it can be worn successfully on nearly all occasions, from a very formal affair to the most casual. Pearl necklaces are popular in single, double and even multiple stands, depending on the event to which a woman will be wearing them. read more

White Pearls Information

There is nothing like classic white pearls to finish off any outfit in elegance and timeless style. The set of white pearls usually includes a white pearl necklace, a matching bracelet and earrings. Oftentimes this set of white pearls can also be referred to as a white pearl necklace set.

In addition, white pearls are the quintessential and classic jewelry piece that every woman must have. This is also true around the world. In cultures across the globe, the white pearl necklace is also a timeless classic and jewelry staple. read more

Illusion Pearl Necklace Information

Just like Magic! Abracadabra! This charmed illusion pearl necklace collection is magically inspired. Like charmed pearls, each illusion pearl will follow your every move. They are magically transfixed and mesmerized by your unique enchantment. You will feel like a magical enchantress while wearing this illusion pearl necklace.

Delicate but strong nylon filament provides the special effects magic of the enchanted floating pearls in an illusion pearl necklace. Each illusion pearl will seemingly hover. Illusion pearl necklaces are just so much fun! read more

Pearl Sets Information

Pearl sets are just the right way to jump-start or complete a pearl collection. Pearl jewelry sets often include earrings, a necklace and a bracelet. They can also be called a pearl necklace set as the pearl necklace is most often the largest and the centerpiece.

Worn together or separate, the pieces of a pearl necklace set are simply the most classic and elegant of adornments. Pearl jewelry sets are perfect at work, at play and at every special occasion. Pearl jewelry sets are also often passed down from one generation to the next. From Mother to Daughter and Grandmothers to their granddaughters, family pearl sets are heirlooms dating back many generations. read more