The Mikimoto Pearls and the Mikimoto Woman: Breathtaking Beauty

The Dior woman is classic, refined, extremely feminine and in touch with her natural beauty. She wears the iconic Dior dresses and the elegant long gloves. The Chanel woman is strong, takes the world by surprise and a room by storm. She wears expensive perfume and well-tailored suits that empower and enable her to do anything she sets her mind to. The Moschino woman is fun, young in spirit, free and wild. She wears shorts adorned in color and long t-shirts with crazy prints. The Mikimoto woman is all about the pearls. And they’re so fabulous she doesn’t need anything else. read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she brings color to everyday pearls effortlessly! Nothing goes better with pearls than lots of colors.

Nicole, style blogger of Girl About Town, showed off her style with a brightly patterned jumpsuit by Rumors Clothing, sandals by Zara, a pretty yellow bag by Hermes and pearls by Mikimoto.

We love when people bring color to simple stands of pearls and we think this Fashionista did just that!

We think this Fashionista looks very chic, and we are sure that you will love her look as well. read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Marilyn Monroe Only Loved to Wear Her Husband’s Pearls

Marilyn Monroe is forever an icon of style but an interesting fact that many of you may not know is that this fashion influencer had almost no interest in jewelry. There was one piece that she really treasured and that was a simple 16 inch string of pearls given to her by her husband, Joe DiMaggio, during their Japan honeymoon in January 1954.

Monroe and DiMaggio divorced later in the year (1954) allegedly due to DiMaggio’s constant requests for Marilyn to give up her career. During their divorce hearing, it turns out that she still had love for not only DiMaggio, but she also still had love for the Mikimoto pearl necklace he had given her because she wore it to court during their divorce hearing. read more