ASK MS. ELITOU: How can I wear pearls with my overalls?

 “Hi Ms. Elitou! I am a young fashionista and I am in love with the overall trend! I love the style of it all and I want to switch the style up. I wanted to know is there a way that I can wear pearls with my overalls without looking like a farmer who stumbled into pearls.  I am very excited to receive your advice! Thanks!                                                                                               

-Tasha B.

Hi Tasha:

This is an awesome question! I have noticed that the overall trend has been seen everywhere and I have come to love it. I think it is really bold and the wearer of the style has to be very self-confident and full of gusto in order to truly make it work.

What I like about overalls is that you can dress it up in different ways from fun with bold neon to dressy with a crisp white top underneath.

What is also great about overalls is that the look can go with almost any accessories including my favorite– pearls!m

Above, I have created a layout that can you can use as a guide to show you three fun and stylish ways that you can incorporate pearls into your overall style.

Because the Fashionista’s style in the image was simple, I found some bold ways to funk up the style. You could wear the pearls together or wear the separately depending on what look you’re going for.

First, I added a great cluster of pearls because it is very versatile and covers her bare neck.

Second, I added a square pearl ring for bold attention to your hand.

Third, I added an awesome sailor’s hat with pearl embellishments!

I truly hope this helps! Remember pearls are very versatile making them great to wear!

-Ms. Elitou

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