CELEBRITY FASHION: Nicki Minaj in Pearly Captains Hat

Ahoy there mates! We know who the captain of this fashion ship is… a woman that steers her own helm. The beautiful Nicki Minaj was spotted last year during her 4th of July Myx Fusions’ Myx & Mingle cruise in New York City, 2013.

The Massive Attack artist almost served the crew and passengers a heart attack in her bright white Herve Leger wrap dress, showing off all of her curves; sexy red nails and glittery peep toe shoes.

What we love the most about her look is the pearly captain’s hat that topped off the look amazingly. Nicki is a woman that knows how to switch up from her sexually charged hip hop style to a look that is classy and chic. read more

Celebrity Fashion: Nicki Minaj Covered in Pearls

When it comes to shock and hip hop, the Pink Friday rapper is no stranger to pearls. On her 26th birthday, Nicki Minaj was not shy about showing all of her assets in a bodysuit decorated in pearls and other gems.

The “Marilyn Monroe” singer is known for being artistic and daring just like Lady Gaga, but with her own flair.

We are not sure if we are fans of this bodysuit that was created by the Blonds, but what we do know is that Nicki is an artist and she tends to be one that creates the trends and people like her “Barbz” follow. read more