Super easy ways to get the Hollywood starlet look

When it comes to femininity and glamour than nothing comes close to the old Hollywood trends. From the twenties onwards Hollywood saw the rise of the powerful and provocative female that loved to not only flaunt it, but ooze style and sophistication. There is a rather specific formula to the old Hollywood glamour look but it is by no means a secret one. The look is easy to adopt and the female fashion icons are still just as relevant and worshipped today then ever. When it comes to achieving the look of a Hollywood starlet such as Marilyn Monroe, May West and Audrey Hepburn to name but a few there are a few set rules you need to follow. In this post we are going to cover everything you need to know from top to bottom to achieve this gorgeous look. From hair rollers, pearl necklaces and eyeliner tricks, right down to faux fur coats and stilettos we’ve got it covered! Head’s up girls, here’s how it’s done. read more

PEARL FASHION: Pantone Color of 2014- Wild Orchid Purple and we have the Pearls to Match!

The Fashion Gods have spoken!!!! The higher powers at =&0=& have chosen the “IT” color of the year and it is a lovely shade of =&1=& So get ready to find clothing that comes in rich and beautiful hues of purple like lilac and violet this spring and definitely keep your eye out for Lavender.

What makes Pearls Only so excited about the color lavender and the other beautiful tints is that we have natural lavender pearls that will match your look and style. Our large selection varies from classy and edgy. Check it out for yourself!

Above, you will see some of the jewely that we think looks great with the dresses, shoes, and other accessories.

The Lavender AAAA 6-6.5mm Freshwater Pearl Set

Anya Earring Set – Lavender AAAA 6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Earring

Lavender AAAA 7-8mm Freshwater Pearl Bracelet read more

ASK MS. ELITOU: How do you wear pearls with a casual outfit?

Pearls are commonly known to compliment more upscale evening pieces or professional clothing like dress suits. They are not commonly associated with casual wear, so I completely understand you inquiry. Pearls can be styled with causal looks like the look above featuring a gray and white striped sweater, dark blue distressed jeans, pink statement cat-eye glasses, a pair of simple white wedge sneaker boots, flower earrings, and a perfect combination of layered rhinestone and pearl bracelets.

This look really works because the pearls are just an accent piece rather than the full focus of the look. The combination of the pearls and rhinestones layered as a bracelet creates an awesome appearance that speaks class and sophistication with a little fun and daringness.  They truly complement each other.

To keep your look flawlessly casual be sure not to overdo the pearls (i.e. pearl necklace with pearl bracelets, ring and earrings together) because this will instantly make you look overdone and overdressed. read more