Super easy ways to get the Hollywood starlet look

When it comes to femininity and glamour than nothing comes close to the old Hollywood trends. From the twenties onwards Hollywood saw the rise of the powerful and provocative female that loved to not only flaunt it, but ooze style and sophistication. There is a rather specific formula to the old Hollywood glamour look but it is by no means a secret one. The look is easy to adopt and the female fashion icons are still just as relevant and worshipped today then ever. When it comes to achieving the look of a Hollywood starlet such as Marilyn Monroe, May West and Audrey Hepburn to name but a few there are a few set rules you need to follow. In this post we are going to cover everything you need to know from top to bottom to achieve this gorgeous look. From hair rollers, pearl necklaces and eyeliner tricks, right down to faux fur coats and stilettos we’ve got it covered! Head’s up girls, here’s how it’s done. read more

PEARL FASHION: Vintage Vogue Cover and Pearl Jewelry Décor Makes Art

Looking for a little beauty, glamour and pearl inspiration? Look no further than this wonderful photo of an Asos Box Chain and Pearl Necklace adorning a classic vintage Vogue from April 1, 1963.

We love this image because it is completely artistic and the pearls are very complementing to the cover.

Add this image to your pinterest as a reminder of the days that were filled with true fashion and absolute elegance. Let this be your glamour motivation.

What do you think of the image?

Side Note: How cool was it to have to only pay 60 cents to get an issue. Good times… read more

ASK MS. ELITOU:  Can I polish my pearls with toothpaste?

Hello Ms. Elitou! I was given my Grandmother’s pearls as an anniversary gift and I want to make them look as new as I can. I want to polish them with toothpaste like my other jewelry but I am not sure if they would be safe if I did that. What are your thoughts?

-Aliza W.

Hi Aliza! Thank you for reaching out! I am very happy that you asked this question because I believe many have the same thought when it comes to cleaning pearls.

The answer is NO! It is very important to not use toothpaste on pearls, turquoise, vintage Bakelite, or vintage rhinestones, because they have softer surfaces and may get scratched. read more

GREAT MOMENT IN PEARL HISTORY: Old Photo Postcard of Woman Wearing Pearls and Art Nouveau Costume

We love to go back and find some of the most iconic women of all time wearing pearls!

Today’s feature is a very old postcard photo of a woman wearing pearls.

This rare and old photo postcard seems to be in pretty great condition!

The image features a stylish French Lady wearing a beautifully Art Nouveau Costume! The way she is dressed in the picture is so amazing because women have long changed this style of dress and this style was actually quite refreshing.

It is also truly amazing because in the image she displays numerous layers of pearls from her headdress all the way to her neck making for a regal look. read more

FASHION PEARL DIY: Rihanna’s Pearly Chanel Sunglasses by

Bring on the sunshine! The sun will be making its appearance more and more as the Spring season goes into full bloom so it’s time to get prepared. Never be caught off guard with these glamorous Pearl Glasses!

Rihanna wore these Vintage Chanel “Faux” Pearl Sunglasses while preforming at the Victoria Secret’s 2012 Fashion Show and she made them look amazing.

The popular website,, says that you can create the look for under $10. According to all you need are a cute pair of circular sunglasses, a string of (faux) pearls, and a little jewelry glue (or cheat with a glue gun; we won’t tell!). read more