PEARL BEAUTY: Brushing Your Teeth with Pearls

Loving the pearls your wear? Well, imagine brushing your teeth with them.

According to, you can do exactly that with pearl powder. According to the column, brushing your teeth with pearl powder can provide you with great white teeth, preventative benefits, and also helps with sensitive teeth.

First, calcium coats and is absorbed into the teeth through its pores which can minimize pain from cold or hot sensitivities, plus the pearl provides a white sheen that can give the teeth a whiter appearance and a smoother luster; essentially, making the teeth look healthier and younger. Second, pearl powder heals the gums and makes them resistant to bacteria that can cause gingivitis; it can also help texturize the gums so they are not thin as well as prolong, and possibly prevent, receding gum lines.”

You can find pearl powder at most health food stores and the average size of the powder can range in prices from $5 to $40 it all depends on the brand and quality.

This is a beauty trend that is gaining popularity. What do you think of the growing beauty trend?  Would you try it?

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