How To Make Big Pearl Earrings Work For You

big pearl earrings

There are certain items that should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  Most of us will have a little black dress and a nice pair of trousers.  But when it comes to jewelry earrings are just as important and even a pair of big pearl earrings can prove essential.

The great thing about including any style of pearl earrings as an accessory is that they all add a touch of glamour to the outfit you wear them with.   But you shouldn’t go for the first pair that you come across. Let us find out together how to choose the right pair of pearl earrings for you!

When it comes to choosing even big pearl earrings there are certain things that you need to consider.

Tips On Helping You To Choose The Right Earrings For You

1. The first thing you need to remember is that pearls can last for many years to come.  So when it comes to choosing a pair you must make sure that you choose a style that you really do like.

2. Also, choose a pair that you know are going to work for you and will go with outfits you have in your wardrobe.  The great thing is that big pearl earrings are very versatile and you’ll find a pair of them that really do suit your personal fashion sense.

3. You only have to go online to see just how many different styles of earrings are now available.  This makes choosing a suitable pair all that more difficult.  It is best when you are looking at buying big pearl earrings online that you have an idea of the look you are after.

big pearl earrings

This is one of the best tips we can offer as there is such a wide array of different styles to choose from.  You could opt for a pair of big gold and pearl earrings or a pair of big black pearl drop earrings.   But investing in any style of large pearl earrings is a very wise decision.  Even as fashion changes you’ll find that those big freshwater pearl earrings you’ve got will still make your newest outfits look classy.

So You’ve Invested In A Nice Pair Of Big Pearl Earrings What Should You Wear Them With?

The great thing as with all styles of pearl earrings is that they can be worn with just about any outfit that you’ve got in your wardrobe.  Most women tend to only where such earrings with more formal outfits.  But below we are going to show other ways it is possible to wear that stunning pair of big pearl earrings you’ve just purchased.

1.  Wear Them With A Black Outfit

We aren’t talking about wearing them with a little black dress (LBD) but instead with a pair of well-cut trousers and a black jumper.  By wearing a pair of big chandelier pearl earrings, you are helping to show them off more.  They will add a touch of elegance to what some may consider a somewhat staid outfit.

big pearl earrings

2.  Pair Them With A White Midi Skirt And A Shirt

This is the perfect outfit to wear with a beautiful pair of big black pearl drop earrings.  The simplicity of this outfit is something that helps to make the earrings really pop but won’t be over the top.   To really enhance the glamorous look of this outfit further use a large wide belt to cinch in your waist.

big black pearl earrings

3.  Go For Denim

You may think wearing pearls and denim is a big no-no.  But this isn’t the case.  In fact, wearing a nice pair of big pearl earrings stud style will help to give your outfit a more elegant look.  Team a black midi-length skirt with say a denim shirt or jacket.  Best to stick with earrings that have been made using white, silver, gold or lilac coloured pearls, like this one who have 9-10mm or even 10-11 mmsized pearls. 

big pearl earrings

gold big pearl earrings

4.  Go For Shabby Chic

A stunning white Boho style dress really will help to enhance the overall beauty of the big pearl earrings you wear.  This is a really beautiful outfit to wear throughout the summer and won’t look out of place on the beach or whilst enjoying cocktails with friends.

5. Off The Shoulder Tops

A beautiful off the shoulder top will really look stunning when you team it with a great pair of big pearl earrings.  As you will know there are plenty of different styles of big pearl earrings online available to buy.  Don’t just limit yourself to a simple pair of studs but why not go for something a little more ostentatious.  Why not go for a pair that includes clusters of pearls in the design.

Along with an off the shoulder, top wear these earrings with a pair of dark coloured jeans.  I love to team mine with a pair of Capri length black jeans and a white off the shoulder blouse.   To further enhance the look team your top and jeans with a great pair of wedge sandals.

big pearl earrings

6.  Colour Is Okay

Most women tend to think that pearl earrings should just be worn with more natural colours, and not forgetting black.  But why not look at teaming your big gold and pearl earrings with the more colourful outfits you have in your wardrobe.  As the earrings nestle against your neck you’ll notice that they seem to take on some of the colours in your outfit as well.   So helping them to enhance the overall look of what you’ve chosen to wear even more.

big pearls

7. Team Big Pearl Earrings With A Good V-Neck Blouse

When at work you have to wear something a little staider but you can still add a little touch of femininity to that outfit as well.  A beautiful pair of big pearl drop earrings will really help to bring out your feminine side.  The great thing is that you can also wear them with a variety of different colours.  So dependent on your work you don’t need to just wear your earrings with a white or black V-neck blouse.  Why not be a little more daring and go for say a deep red or turquoise blouse instead.

As you can see from above a great pair of big pearl earrings can be worn with just about any outfit you have in your wardrobe these days.  The bigger the size, the louder the outfit!

big pearl earrings

However don’t just go for the first pair that you come across, instead think about your skin tone and the shape of your face.  You must make sure that you select a pair of big pearl earrings that enhance your looks further rather than detract from them.

If you have quite a small face that is either round or heart shaped you are better going for big pearl drop earrings.  These will help to your face look longer and also help to elongate your neck as well.  Also, avoid wearing tops that come up to the top of your chest.  Instead, go for tops with a deep v to them.

For women with longer faces or more angular ones then you should look at wearing big chandelier pearl earrings or big pearl black earrings.

big black pearl earrings

These have much softer contours to them so they help to soften the way your face looks.   Also, it is better if you choose to wear much darker stronger colours.   You can, of course, wear high-necked tops if you want as well by doing this you are helping to make your face look shorter, as well as helping to soften the contours of your face.

Hopefully, we have provided you with some wonderful ideas for wearing a beautiful pair of big pearl earrings whenever you like.   Who says we have to wear them like our grandmothers or great aunts would.  You only have to do a quick search online to see just how many wonderful ways such beautiful pieces of jewelry can be worn these days.

big pearl earrings

One final thing you need to remember when it comes to wearing earrings is that they are located further away from your clothes compared to say a necklace or bracelet.  So you will need to make sure that at least one of the colours in the outfit that you are wearing will actually correspond with them.   So if you’ve chosen to wear a pair of big black pearl drop earrings then your top, dress or trousers should include such colours as grey, white or silver in them.

big pearl earrings

Remember that beige sweater you were about to throw out? Don’t!  It would look amazing when you team it up with a beautiful pair of big pearl earrings that contains lavender or silver pearls in them.  You could even opt for ones that include a more chocolate brown coloured pearl as well.

The aim here at PearlsOnly is to provide you with the confidence to really rock out wearing pearls that have become so very fashionable these days.   We want to ensure that you love wearing pearls as much as we do. So hopefully the information provided above will help you to do just that and have friends asking you where you got such beautiful big pearl earrings from?

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