When and How to Wear Pearl Drop Earrings – A Style Guide

If you paid attention to the latest events involving red carpets and plenty of celebrities, you surely noticed many such world-popular women are wearing pearl drop earrings, pearl chandelier earrings, and pearl dangles to style up their outfits and enhance their facial features. When it comes to pearl drop earrings, things take a more glamorous path, even if some pearl drop earrings can be easily integrated into casual or business attire. The more complicated and statement-like the pearl earrings look (in terms of design and accompanying metals or gemstones), the more elegant the outfit and the occasion must be.

Last time we talked about how to wear pearl stud earrings, we promised to continue the style guide and focus on pearl drop earrings and pearl chandelier earrings. Today, we will take a look at a few tips, tricks, and recommendations on how to include pearl drop earrings in your jewelry collection and your more elegant outfits to match the occasions. Before we begin, however, we have to resume a few key aspects regarding wearing pearl earrings in general so you can enjoy them thoroughly while avoiding some styling mistakes.

Consider Your Skin Tone

pearl drop earrings in pink

As mentioned before, pearls are meant to give your skin a luminous glow. Pearl earrings, in particular, have the power to enhance your facial features. If you have a paler skin tone with cool undertones, you should opt for pink pearl drop earrings. If your skin has olive, tanned and warm undertones in general, lavender pearl drop earrings and black pearl drop earrings (with their bronze, green or blue hues) will make you stand out of the crowd.

White pearl earrings, no matter their size and design work amazing with all types of skin, being the most popular among women who want a timeless pair of earrings to wear on all semi-formal, formal and elegant occasions.

Consider Your Size

pair of pearl drop earrings in black

If pearl stud earrings aren’t necessarily dependent on a woman’s size, when it comes to pearl drop earrings and pearl dangling chandelier earrings in statement-like designs, things change a little.

  • If you are petite in size, it is recommended to choose simpler and smaller pieces of jewelry in general. When it comes to pearl earrings, a pair of white Freshwater 6-7 mm pearl drop earrings and a matching delicate pearl bracelet or a ring for harmony and symmetry should be enough to make an unforgettable Petite women are advised to wear more delicate pieces of jewelry, so it doesn’t look like the jewelry is wearing them.
  • If you are tall and well-built, discrete jewelry might get lost in your overall This is why you should pick bolder accessories. A pair of heavier, larger, more design-complex black Freshwater pearl dangling earrings naturally add the glam and glitz you need to turn heads at a party or a fancy event. Taller women can also mix pearls with diamonds and wear statement necklaces. However, make sure you don’t insist on sporting a massive choker together with your chandelier pearl earrings. It will be too much in terms of etiquette, and massive accessories tend to clash.

How and When to Wear Pearl Drop Earrings?

pearl drop earrings in silver

Now that we’ve established the more general rules of wearing pearl drop earrings, let’s start picking and matching them to the occasions we can’t wait to attend. Your choosing process should factor in a few variables that are intrinsic and extrinsic to the pearl drop earrings.

Intrinsic Variables

They depend on the pearl type, earrings’ size, color, metal, and setting.

1. The “Glam” Effect of the Earrings

pearl drop earrings in brown

Depending on how simple or elegant the pearl drop earrings look, you can match them to a high number of occasions:

  • Basic pearl drop earrings – probably the most versatile of them all. Discrete basic pearl drop earrings can be worn with casual, business or formal outfits. They are the earrings you can wear to the office all day long and keep them to attend a dinner or an event later in the evening. Since they don’t speak volumes about glam and glitz, they don’t stand out in a very powerful way, so if you like to attend a more high-end event, you can pair them with a multi-strand pearl bracelet. They can be worn on such occasions if you want to draw attention to your dress.
  • Semi-formal pearl drop earrings – these are quite versatile themselves, mixing and balancing the “glam” factor with a simpler design. They are usually longer than the basic pearl drop earrings and feature at least one characteristic that makes them suitable for more elegant events or very formal business environments. They may come in a particular novelty color, or the pearls may be baroque shaped instead of round. They may also feature a supplemental gemstone. These champagne Freshwater dangling pearl earrings featuring a shell stone make a good example of semi-formal earrings which can compliment a business suit or an evening gown.
  • Formal pearl drop/chandelier earrings – also known as glamorous and “wow” pieces of jewelry. The elaborate, long, heavy and massive pearl drop earrings make the favorite accessory of women attending high-end events, weddings, opera nights, fancy dinner dates, formal concerts, venue opening, red carpet-style events and so on. Such earrings may feature diamond and zirconia settings for a well-deserved glitz or very elaborate designs.

2. The Metal and Accompanying Gemstones of the Pearl Drop Earrings

pearl drop earrings with gold

  • Silver, white gold, platinum – Silver metals have a more modern take on them and can accompany all pearl colors and hues, giving them a clean, neat and contemporary look and feel. A pair of long, dangling sterling silver pearl drop earrings makes the perfect accessory for women interested in having a timeless piece of jewelry to wear in semi-formal and formal occasions.
  • Yellow gold – golden hues play on the more vintage style of things, and real yellow gold pearl drop earrings are spectacular in their elegance, so they make better accessories for high-end formal events, especially if the golden metal setting matches the outfit and the occasion.
  • Diamonds, zirconia, precious colored gemstones – the addition of color and spark to your pearl earrings does not only make them more valuable and more interesting, but it turns them into statement pieces that are best worn in high-end occasions with evening gowns and other accessories.

Extrinsic Variables

Choosing your perfect pearl drop earrings for a special occasion or a formal/semi-formal business meeting also depends on a few factors:

1. Hairstyle

pair of black pearl drop earrings

The moment you choose to wear pearl drop earrings, either basic or statement-like, it’s best to tie up your hair in a bun or a more sophisticated updo to let the earrings stand out and enhance your facial features.

2. Outfit

pearl drop earrings in lavender

Simpler, smaller pearl drop earrings go great with silky shirts, jackets and pencil skirts/trousers in the office and crewneck dresses in the evening. If you choose elaborate and large pearl drop earrings, you can also make them stand out with strapless dresses, spaghetti-straps dresses and outfits with plunging necklines.

What are your favorite types of pearl drop earrings? When and how do you wear them in casual, semi-formal or elegant occasions? Do you have any other styling tips to share?

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