7 Occasions to Wear Your Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Pearls are always appropriate, said once Jackie Kennedy, whose signature necklace was a three strand pearl choker. Decades after these famours words were uttered, pearls still rank high in women’s preferences. Tahitian pearls, for example, are very popular in the marketplace today, not only thanks to their exotic origins (they are harvested by farmers in French Polynesia), but also their multicolor varieties and special shapes. A Tahitian pearl necklace is a very classy and elegant piece of jewelry, that can easily make you stand out from the crowd at any moment of the day.
Whether you choose dark black or grey to match with your outfit and hairstyle, such a necklace will not go unnoticed. What makes Tahitian pearl necklaces very special is their magical natural color, because dark pearls capture light and deliver it back in a very incandescent glow. Although traditionally they are called black, their color can range from metallic silver, purplish, blueish or greenish overtones, to the color of graphite. The difference between black freshwater or black akoya pearls and the Tahitian ones is that, while the former have been irradiated or dyed, the latter come by their dark color naturally. These gems look great with every skin tone and match all kinds of eye color.
Choose to be glamourous by wearing a Tahitian pearl necklace during at least one of these occasions:

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How to Choose the Perfect Black Pearl Ring

Pearls became accessible to regular people when we discovered the marvelous way of creating cultured pearls. Even though their symbolism might have gotten lost along the way (some societies associated pearls with magic), their use in jewelry pieces has become a tradition that no one is yet ready to forget. It comes as no surprise that a black pearl ring has become a sophisticated accessory for the modern woman.

We often wonder what makes pearls such unique gemstones and the answer is pretty simple: unlike other gems, pearls are retrieved from the depths of the sea, not of the earth. They do not require special polishing to maximize their luster, being close to perfection from the very beginning. Their beauty has been treasured since ancient times, pearls being used in jewelry at least since ancient Greece. They were considered so valuable that, in the Byzantine Empire, the rules allowed only the emperor to wear pearls.

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How to Wear Akoya Pearl Earrings

The Akoya is the most popular pearl on the market, usually seen in pearl strands, but also in earrings. These pearls are the specialty of Japan’s pearl farms. Akoya pearls were first cultured in 1893, displaying a beautifully white color. They quickly became a favorite for elegant jewelery such as Akoya pearl earrings,  Their high value and quality is the reason why you will always find them set with yellow gold or white gold clasps and posts. The Akoya pearl was the one with which Kokichi Mikimoto started his pearl cultivation enterprise. The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster, which is why Akoya pearls are available mostly in sizes of 3-10 mm. These oysters live in water depths of 1-5 meters and they produce such great pearls thanks to the perfect oceanic climate.

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The Perfect Wedding Pearl Jewelry Set

There are few women’s accessories that can so explicitly express beauty and class such as a pearl jewelry set does. Although Marilyn told us that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, when it comes to a bride’s outfit, pearls are the ultimate component, the element that will turn your day into a happy memory.

Their name alone can evoke the beauty and magic of these jewels that are born in the heart of the sea. No wonder these gems are the foundation of women’s jewelry casket. They are feminine and fresh, always capable of enhancing a woman’s beauty and style. The best part about pearl jewelry sets is that you can wear them with almost every costume in your wardrobe, as the possibilities and settings are endless.

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Ravishing Chocolate Pearls for an Elegant Look

There is a certain fascination with chocolate pearls for all the right reasons. To start with, chocolate pearls are simply smashing and their unusual color makes women covet such a fine piece of jewelry. Chocolate pearls go well with any hair color and glamorous outfit.

Having this in mind, chocolate pearls are a must-have item that will last you a lifetime. Forget about fleeting trends, accessories that break easily and lose their shine in a few months; chocolate pearls last forever, keeping their luster and perfect shape for an eternity.

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Exquisite Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Some of the most popular trademarks of elegance are defined by pearl and diamond earrings. Any woman’s femininity and grace would be instantly highlighted by a pair of refined pearl and diamond earrings. Just like the little black dress, these jewels will never go out of style, standing the test of fashion trends and the test of time since pearls can last forever.

1. White Gold Cultured Pearl Earrings

A touch of glamour and subtle luxury hasn’t hurt anybody. These subtle pearl earrings are highlighted by nine little diamond stones that go well with any gown you can think of. Pearl earrings also flatter any woman’s long fine neck and necklace, so you can also choose the necklace that goes with this radiant pair of cultured pearl and diamond earrings. Check out the pair of earrings here.  

2. Black Butterfly Pearl Earrings

The butterflies are covered in little diamonds creating a splendid, unforgettable contrast with the black cultured pearls. These pearl and diamond earrings are bound to make any night memorable, whether you’re attending a very special event or anniversary; these pearl and diamond earrings are suites for any formal context you can think of. Have a better look at these superb black pearl and diamond earrings here.

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10 Drop Pearl Earrings Options for an Elegant Look

Drop pearl earrings are a staple of elegance and grace because of their delicate nature and chic design. Any woman should own at least one pair in her jewelry box because these earrings are extremely versatile and unexpectedly useful. We have prepared a list of 10 amazing pearl drop earring alternatives that should give you an idea of the immense potential of these glamorous accessories.

1. Long Drop Pearl Earrings

This is one of the classic models of drop pearl earrings that will make you look poised and elegant every single time. Pair these lovely earrings with formal attire as well as business outfits for your professional meetings.

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8 Gorgeous Pearl Cluster Necklace Options for a Bold Look

If you are looking to create a bold look, then a pearl cluster necklace is the ideal accessory for you. This refined piece of jewelry will add a unique type of elegance to your outfit and it will make you virtually unforgettable. Let us tell you about the main types of cluster pearl necklaces so that you can find the best one for you.

1. The Pearl Cluster Bib Necklace

The pearl cluster bib necklace is an item that any woman should have in her jewelry box because it is a key accessory that can enhance any outfit. You will look gorgeous with this glamorous piece. It is perfectly suited for any formal outfit, from business attire and all the way to evening gowns. Dare to impress with this dazzling necklace!

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The Leather Pearl Necklace – The Ultimate Mysterious Accessory

Key accessories can turn simple outfits into bold fashion statements. The leather pearl necklace is a key piece that any woman should have in her jewelry box for those days when she wants a fierce look. It is the perfect combination between elegant and daring, and it is brilliantly versatile. Let us tell you a bit about leather pearl necklaces so that you can visualize the immense potential of this charming accessory.

Types of Leather Pearl Necklaces

The jewelry market offers quite a few options for leather pearl necklaces. Each of them can be integrated into delightfully bold outfits and amazing adventurous looks. Take a look at the best leather and pearl necklace alternatives out there!

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The Perfect Multi Strand Pearl Necklace – Our Top Picks

A multi strand pearl necklace is a statement accessory that will add an irresistible touch of glamor to any outfit. There are so many gorgeous alternatives available on the market for you to skim through, so get ready to be impressed. We have selected 10 exquisite options that will give you an idea of the immense versatility of this key accessory. Take a look!

10. The Mary White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

This is one of the most delicate accessories available on the market. This multi strand pearl necklace features some stunning white baroque pearls of various sizes that will catch anybody’s eye. The transparent nylon filament they are wrapped around is virtually invisible, which makes the Mary necklace all about the pearls. We strongly recommend it for summer dresses, as well as cocktail attire because its light presence will add a breezy touch to your outfits.

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