PEARL FASHION: 5 Beautiful and Modest White Pearl Weddings Earrings

Modesty and class is most important on your wedding day and we at Pearls Only feel that you can easily stay in this mold with our gorgeous collection of white pearl earrings. The earrings come in all shapes, sizes, styles, qualities, finishes, and prices making it easy for any bride to get the look that best fits her style and her budget, which is VERY important.

Our earrings are not just from one day, but they are a keepsake and an item that makes memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!

Now that wedding season is closely upon us, it is time to show off some of our best earrings for Bride’s To Be. Pearls Only, has added a few overwhelming styles and designs that are sure to gain attention from all. read more

Pearl Fashion: Enjoy the Holiday in Style!

Get into the holidays and make them come alive in the colors of gold, red, white, green and silver!

Green brings forth health; red brings about cheer; white is purity; silver is patience and gold is for wealth… all of the things that we wish for during the holiday season and into the New Year.

Fashion is a key element when celebrating the holidays.  Think about Christmas sweaters. They have surely made an impact on the holidays and they are also making a major comeback.  But there is one classic that never goes away. You guessed it, PEARLS!!! read more