FASHION PEARL DIY: Rihanna’s Pearly Chanel Sunglasses by

Bring on the sunshine! The sun will be making its appearance more and more as the Spring season goes into full bloom so it’s time to get prepared. Never be caught off guard with these glamorous Pearl Glasses!

Rihanna wore these Vintage Chanel “Faux” Pearl Sunglasses while preforming at the Victoria Secret’s 2012 Fashion Show and she made them look amazing.

The popular website,, says that you can create the look for under $10. According to all you need are a cute pair of circular sunglasses, a string of (faux) pearls, and a little jewelry glue (or cheat with a glue gun; we won’t tell!). read more

PEARL DIY: Pearl Embellished Jumper by

Are you looking to upgrade your old sweater or jumper? If so, this is the DIY for you! 

Today, we have a great do-it-yourself to spruce up your favorite sweater or jumper. We found this DIY by Olivia, a young designer who also has her own blog,, and we were happy to share!

Olivia gives you a simple way to give your old jumper new life and we thought with it being so simple, why not update your sweater or cardigan?

The supplies are as simple as:

  • Strand of pearls
  • Jumper/Sweater/Cardigan
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Here is the original post!  read more

DIY: Alexander McQueen Inspiration Pearls with @iamdonatella

It’s that time again when we deliver you with the best of Do-It-Yourself guides that are done with pearls.

As a pearl lover, I thought that this was an amazing idea from the blog, Inspiration and Realization.

For those of you that are into abstract art garnished with pearls. Take a chance at this fun craft that is sure to gain a few admirers.

All you will need is:

– a tank top (I used an old Gap basic t-shirt)
– beads and pearls (4 different sizes)
– small piece of lace
– needle and thread read more

YOUTUBE: DIY Pearl Braid by @foreveryours072

Nothing is more fun than doing it yourself and the feature below is a creative and fun activity!

If you are in love with pearls, and already have a collection for your ears, wrist, and neck, how interesting would it to add a few pearls to your hair?

This young lady, Kayleigh, shows use on her Youtube an awesome and quick DIY to wear pearls in your braid! It is so simple that we wish we would have thought of it sooner.

Here is what she used:

  • Pearls/Beads
  • Hair Elastic
  • Bobby Pins
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Check out the video below:

To learn more about Kayleigh Noelle visit her blog at: read more