PEARL FASHION: Beautiful Wedding with Loads of Pearl Necklaces

The creative photographer, Elizabeth Messina, captured amazing photos of a beautiful bride, Erin. The images were amazing and they instantly caught our attention!

Why do you ask? The pearls of course!

The photos featured the bride who happens to be a hair and makeup artist by trade, and she is completely adorned in long statement pearl necklaces. She looks absolutely gorgeous and Elizabeth captured every moment perfectly.

The pearl necklaces around her neck really made the Claire Pettibone gown come to life. read more


Our fashion blog editor, Ms. Elitou enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in Philadelphia wearing black pearls from our Black Label Collection. The Edith Earrings made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls are very delicate and feminine and look great with almost anything.

She also wore the heart-shaped Carlin Pendant that is also a part of the Black Label Collection.The Carlin Pendant is made of 14kt white gold, Japanese Akoya Pearl, and accented with a few diamonds. Ms. Elitou chose to wear it with a black and white striped blazer, and for accent, she added a purple shirt. read more


This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she shows that there is nothing wrong with mixing up style and having fun with pearls and ruffles.

Bebe Zeva, blogger of her own fashion blog, Fated to be Hated, shows off her style in a cute combination of a layered baby blue pearl sweater, beige ruffled mini skirt with matching socks, oversized bowler hat, beige handbag, and tan wedge ankle boots.   We really love the way the drastic look comes together and those supersized eyelashes…priceless. We love her confidence! read more

PEARL FASHION: Josephine Baker Recreated

Hey Fashionistas:

We came across the image and it took our breath away! When it comes to beauty, class, edge and jazz, how can we ever forget the woman behind the woman that wore the banana skirt and pearls? Before there was Grace Jones and “her dare to be different” posing and unique and artistic style, there was Miss Josephine Baker and she was fabulous!

A woman of class and substance, “La Baker” was an amazing muse for some of the most recognized and influential artist in the world which included Langston Hughes, Pablo Picasso and Christian Dior. Famous for her burlesque dancing and her banana skirt dance for the stage play, Danse Sauvage, Ms. Baker was also a lady who believed in equality and before there Angelina Jolie, she adopted 12 children to show that people and live and grow in harmony becoming brothers and sisters. read more

Pearl Fashion: Black Tie on the Fly

If you heard it said once, you will hear it a million times…when in doubt, look to your little black dress. Going to a cocktail dinner? Look to the black dress. May be attending a black tie affair? Then the little black dress is necessary. Meeting friends at the club? Yeah, the little black dress works well there too.

Thanks to many of our favorite designers, you can find a cute black dress almost everywhere and in every shape, textures, and with small accents of color and embellishments. There is no excuse to not have a little black dress. read more