PEARL FASHION: Zack Dobbins Says Pearls Are No Longer Just For Your Mom And We Agree!

As we stated multiple times, pearls are no longer just for your mother and we found that Zack Dobbins, from totally agrees!

Dobbins wrote an article entitled, “Style File: Not Your Mother’s Pearls”, which explains his thoughts and opinions on how pearls are for the chic and fashionable youth as well!

“However I think it’s time they [Pearls] come back, but in a different mix. Not in the expected “lady-like” way but much to the contrary. My favorite acting teacher and early style Icon, Andi Horowitz, used to wear the longest strand of pearls to acting class almost daily.  But she did it in the chicest way. Thrown on with a white T-shirt and skinny denim— the anti-lady, more rock star. It felt glamorous without trying.”

We completely agree with you Zack! That is why we bring attention daily to the fashion and style choices made by celebrities as well as you!

Are you ready to make pearls chic???

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