What Are The Benefits Of Freshwater Pearls?

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There are a number of different benefits to buying freshwater pearls. We will look at some of the benefits of opting for freshwater pearls when making your next jewelry purchase and you will find out exactly why so many people before you made the exact same decision.

Their affordability

Despite the fact that a great deal of the production of freshwater pearls comes from China, we can find them across the globe. Because they are more abundant than saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls are less expensive. If you keep in mind that freshwater pearls can be just as beautiful as the more expensive option, you may appreciate why so many believe this is the largest benefit. The more affordable options mean that many more people can find pearls in their price range.

The different sizes

Take a moment and browse through the different freshwater pearl options. You will notice that there is a wide array of sizes when it comes to these pearls. You can generally find pearls between 2 mm to 10 mm. This means that depending on the look you are after, freshwater pearls offer a great deal of flexibility and variety. Some people enjoy the bolder, larger size while others prefer their jewelry to be a little more discrete. The best option is to see what you think looks well on you and find the most attractive choice.

The different shapes

You can find freshwater pearls in many different shapes as well. The traditional round look is not always guaranteed with freshwater pearls. Some of these are what people refer to as ‘off-round’, these are not perfectly round but still have a round shape to them. You can also find teardrop shaped and oval shaped freshwater pearls.

The amazing colors

When it comes to freshwater pearl jewelry, there is no shortage of amazing colors. You can opt for gray, gold, blue, pink, cream, or the traditional white. This gives you a chance to find the right color to match your other accessories or your favorite outfit.

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