PEARL CELEBRATION: A Conversation with Andre Freeland- Keeping Pearls Professional

It is always interesting to know what men think about women’s fashion. From what they wear to how they wear it, men can actually be helpful to developing a woman’s style. So we were completely in awe to know that men have many views on women in pearls. Their view point goes from seeing a lady of class and sophistication to being super-HOT and very SEXY! That’s right, men find women sexy and seductive in pearls.

We had the amazing opportunity to speak with fashion stylist, Andre Freeland about men and their conception of women, sexiness and pearls.

Andre has been creating fashion styles through vision and a creative eye that can spot a trend from the beginning of its creation. Professionally trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Andre` is no stranger to the constant change of fashion. As we know, change is inevitable in fashion.

In 2003, Andre turned his passion for helping people take their everyday look to the next level by creating the Andre’ Freeland Imagery and Consulting Firm to help men and women organize their closets and get the best out of their wardrobe, creating their signature style.

We had the opportunity to speak with Andre and ask him how a woman can wear her pearls in a professional setting.

“If a woman is in a profession that means serious business, then she should never wear anything that is gaudy or too attention-grabbing,” he says. “For example, if she is a lawyer then she should wear a pair of small pearls earrings or a modest strand on her neck.”

Andre also added, “If she is not one to wear things on her neck, then a small pearl ring would suffice. Just as long as it is not distracting from business.”

We couldn’t agree more! Here are a few looks that we thought looked professional and chic.c600x524 (3)c600x563

What do you think of pearls and professions?

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Cover Image: Chanel

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