Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are prized and sought after by some of the most discriminating jewelry collectors all over the world. The delicate color and wonderful luster of Akoya pearl necklaces make them one of the most popular and classic adornments world-wide.

Luminous Akoya pearls are beautiful to wear to any occasion. From casual occasions to the office and for the formal events, Akoya pearls are timeless and elegant classics that will light up any event.
Akoya pearls are named after the Akoya oyster in which they are found. The Akoya pearl is one of the most popular today. Jewelry pieces made Akoya pearls cultured in from Akoya oysters are available many forms, from earrings to bracelets and ever popular Akoya pearl necklaces. Most Akoya pearls available for purchase today are cultured Akoya pearls.

This means the beginning of Akoya pearls are initiated by man. This beginning of an Akoya pearl Akoya Pearlsis usually a small bit of shell that is formed into a specialized bead. That bead is surgically inserted by a skilled pearl culturer into a very specific part of an Akoya oyster. The Akoya oyster responds by secreting layer upon layer of nacre or mother of pearl over the bead and forms an Akoya pearl.

Even with the culturers’ aid, Akoya pearls are rare. The insertion process can only be carried out by well trained culturers. Also, a vast majority of the Akoya pearls produced do not meet the strict Akoya standards for Akoya pearls and finished jewelry such as Akoya pearl necklaces.

The beautiful Akoya pearls produced by this laborious and time consuming process are most definitely worth it. Akoya pearls are typically very round with colors ranging from white, to creams and light pinks. These colors are very popular for Akoya pearl necklaces.

The colder water that the Akoya pearl oyster lives in helps it to secrete thicker and more lustrous mother of pearl. As a result, Akoya pearls have superb luster which also helps to make Akoya pearl jewelry such as Akoya pearl necklaces one of the most popular jewelry pieces today.

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