Types of Pearls and Their Value

There are many different types of pearls out there and each of them has its specific features that make it wonderful. It’s up to you to decide between perfectly round pearls and elegant baroque pearls, between delicate small pearls or extravagant giant pearls. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and pearls need to be chosen to best fit their owners, but let us tell you a bit about the main types of pearls so that you can make a better decision.

The jewelry market offers some stunning pearl pieces including all the types of pearls that we described above. So take your time exploring your options, but remember that you can never go wrong with pearls. read more


5 Reasons Why You’ll Steal the Spotlight in Baroque Pearls

When a person thinks about pearls, the usual picture that comes to mind is what divides pearls lovers. There are the classic pearl lovers, who admire the traditional, white and perfectly spherical jewels of the sea. Then there are the ones who are willing to take a chance and step outside the box, by wearing the elegant and mysterious black pearls. And finally, there are the rebels, the ones who know and love the baroque pearls for their irregularity, which is seen not as a flaw, but as uniqueness. If you want to be one of them, here are the 5 reasons why you will steal the spotlight in baroque pearls. read more


Top 5 Advantages of Tahitian Pearls and Tahitian Pearl Jewellery

Commonly known and advertised as ‘black pearls’, Tahitian pearls are one of the best finds of the jewellery market, if you know how to select them. While people usually tend to go for white pearls as their base, standard option when it comes to pearl jewellery, Tahitian pearls can actually be the better choice. Here are the main advantages of Tahitian pearls and why you should consider switching your white pearls with for some black pearl jewellery. The desirability of Tahitian pearls over the traditional white pearls will be argued from more than one point of view: both as a style choice, and as an investment choice as well. read more

Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater pearls are pearls are formed in oysters from salty bodies of water. Most commonly, these are oceans, bays, seas and gulfs. For example, pearls found in oysters in the Pacific Ocean would be saltwater pearls. In addition, of all pearls, people seem to be most familiar with saltwater pearls.

There are many varieties of saltwater pearls. The most familiar is the Akoya pearl. These types of saltwater pearls are typically very round with colors ranging from white, to creams and light pinks. They are very popular for a saltwater pearl earring set with a matching saltwater pearl necklace. read more