The Beauty of Pearls: How pearls make the skin healthy!

Pearls are very beautiful and special gems. They are the only gems that are naturally created from a living creature, and they look beautiful in a strand that fits so elegantly on our necks and arms. But what many people are unaware of is that pearls are also used to care for the skin. The precious water gems are an ancient Chinese secret that has now become worldly known.

Freshwater or Saltwater Pearls are crushed into a powder and used as a skin care treatment for people who had inflamed skin. Pearls are considered by its advocates to help improve the appearance of the skin. To take 1 gram of pearl powder by mouth, traditionally mixed into water or tea, twice weekly could reduce redness of the skin almost instantly. Also, it is widely used as a treatment for acne as it is thought to have a purifying effect on the skin, especially that which is sensitive, and to be effective at fading acne scars. read more

Pearls 101: 5 Awesome Facts about Pearls

Pearls are extremely fascinating! Not only due to their outstanding beauty but also because where they come from and how they are made.  It is simply amazing to think that those delicate beads that we wear on come from an oyster in the sea. As a child, did you ever wonder where they came from?

Here are 5 awesome facts about pearls that you will enjoy!

FACT #1: Did you know that pearls are the only gemstones made by living animals? Something so special comes from a living and breathing creature.

FACT #2: Did you know that Akoya, or saltwater pearls come from oysters, but freshwater pearls come from mussels? Bonus: Did you know that all mollusks can make pearls. read more

Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater pearls are pearls are formed in oysters from salty bodies of water. Most commonly, these are oceans, bays, seas and gulfs. For example, pearls found in oysters in the Pacific Ocean would be saltwater pearls. In addition, of all pearls, people seem to be most familiar with saltwater pearls.

There are many varieties of saltwater pearls. The most familiar is the Akoya pearl. These types of saltwater pearls are typically very round with colors ranging from white, to creams and light pinks. They are very popular for a saltwater pearl earring set with a matching saltwater pearl necklace. read more