5 Reasons Why You’ll Steal the Spotlight in Baroque Pearls

When a person thinks about pearls, the usual picture that comes to mind is what divides pearls lovers. There are the classic pearl lovers, who admire the traditional, white and perfectly spherical jewels of the sea. Then there are the ones who are willing to take a chance and step outside the box, by wearing the elegant and mysterious black pearls. And finally, there are the rebels, the ones who know and love the baroque pearls for their irregularity, which is seen not as a flaw, but as uniqueness. If you want to be one of them, here are the 5 reasons why you will steal the spotlight in baroque pearls. read more


The Ultimate Guide to Pink Pearls and How to Wear Them

Pink pearls are one of the most popular pearl colors besides the classical white pearls (with a golden hue due to their nacre). While there are many other types of colored pearls besides pink, some of the more daring colors aren’t as popular as white pearls and pink pearls tend to be. Pearl fans usually start out by wearing white pearls first, then move on gradually to pearls with a twist. The most popular twist when it comes to color is trying pink pearls. Here is the ultimate guide on all you need to know if you’re interested in pink pearls and aren’t quite sure where to buy authentic pink pearls, what to look for and expect, or how to wear them. read more


10 Great Ways to Wear Akoya Pearls (Cultured Pearls)

If you like jewelry and pearls in particular, and browse the niche market and magazines frequently, then you may have heard of Akoya pearls quite often. It’s a name that tends to spring up around specialized hubs and expert shows, but it doesn’t refer to any newly discovered or exotic species of pearls. In fact, the Akoya pearls are cultured pearls, by their more official name. The element of novelty comes only from the fact that people have known them for a long time as ‘cultured pearls’, on a popular culture level, and only recently have started calling them Akoya pearls. read more