Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater PearlsSaltwater pearls are pearls are formed in oysters from salty bodies of water. Most commonly, these are oceans, bays, seas and gulfs. For example, pearls found in oysters in the Pacific Ocean would be saltwater pearls. In addition, of all pearls, people seem to be most familiar with saltwater pearls.

There are many varieties of saltwater pearls. The most familiar is the Akoya pearl. These types of saltwater pearls are typically very round with colors ranging from white, to creams and light pinks. They are very popular for a saltwater pearl earring set with a matching saltwater pearl necklace.

These types of saltwater pearls usually range in size between 5mm to 10mm. The next type of saltwater pearls are Tahitian pearls. These saltwater pearls are mainly grown in the oceans near the island paradise of Tahiti . They are very large as well as often thought of as one of the rarest and most sought after in the world. Each and every Tahitian pearl is unique so it a hard task to find two for a matched saltwater pearl earring set. As a result, saltwater pearl necklace made from Tahitian pearls is very rare and opulent indeed.

Wearing one will get your noticed. Heads will turn and jaws will drop. Tahitian saltwater pearls are larger and typically range from 9mm to 15mm. They are most known for their deep black color with darts of lively blue and green light dancing on the saltwater pearls surface.

There are also South Sea pearls as well. These saltwater pearls can be from around Tahiti as well and are found in saltwater bodies from the Philippines , Indonesia to Australia including French Polynesia . These saltwater pearls are also very large and have a similar size range those of Tahitian pearls. An extravagant South Sea saltwater pearl necklace will be the undisputed centerpiece of an elegant woman’s jewelry collection. Similar to other types of pearls, most saltwater pearls available for purchase today are saltwater cultured pearls. This does not mean that the pearl is artificial.

The saltwater pearls are 100% real and not lab created. Rather, the beginnings of the saltwater cultured pearls are initiated by man and not an accident of nature. To start saltwater cultured pearls, a bit of shell or other natural matter is formed into a specialized bead. It is then surgically inserted by a skilled pearl cultures into a very specific part of a saltwater oyster. The oyster responds to this bead by secreting many layer upon layer of nacre or mother of pearl over the bead. This process results in beautiful saltwater pearls.

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