FAQ - Why Choose PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya?

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Due to the environment in which the pearls are cultivated and a long tradition of expertise in Japanese pearl harvesting, Japanese Akoya pearls are of a far superior quality when compared with other varieties of the Akoya, such as the Chinese.

Due to the tightness and thickness of their nacres layering, Japanese Akoya pearls stand out as more luminous and simply more beautiful. PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya pearls will all arrive with an Inspection Tag from the Japan Exporters Association (JPEA).

Each pearl must meet a set of stringent quality requirements regarding nacre thickness, surface quality, luster and clarity among others.

To maintain consistency, a set of Master Pearls is kept for comparative purposes at the JPEA Kobe Inspection office. When you buy Japanese Akoya pearls at PearlsOnly, you can be truly confident that your pearls are genuine and of the highest quality.