FAQ - Wedding Pearls

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Wedding Pearl Wearing Guide

Selecting pearls for a wedding party is a loving task. Produced in a variety of forms, pearls can be an elegant finishing touch for every member of the wedding party. They are lavish, yet refined, they never go out of style and they make every bride look fabulous. The most stunning pearls should of course adorn the bride. A girl's first pearl is often first piece in her jewelry box, becoming the foundation of her jewelry wardrobe as she matures. A woman's pearls may represent her maturation into adulthood and new role with a family of her own. Pearls may become a symbol of growth and renewal in this way, and as they are passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, it is especially appropriate for the bride to be wearing pearls at her wedding as well as for the entire wedding party.

Choosing the Right Pearls

To choose the right pearls you should consider aspects such as the location of the ceremony and the attire of the wedding party. The bride and her party's jewelry are best when matched to the style of the wedding.

Formal Weddings

For more formal weddings, select large, round white pearls. Traditional single, double or even triple strands with matching bracelets and stud earrings are quite appropriate.

Casual Weddings and Non-Traditional Weddings

Jewelry for less formal weddings can incorporate more varied color and design elements while still complementing the overall style of the bridal party. For example, pink pearls are suitable for a spring garden wedding, whereas black pearls will give an Avant Garde or ultra modern ceremony that extra edge. Pearls are also appropriate for non-traditional weddings when they complement the general style.

Pearls for the Wedding Party

Mothers and Grandmothers

For Moms and Grandmas on both sides of the wedding party, larger pearls and longer or multiple strand pearl necklaces are very appropriate. For a mature woman, 7 mm or larger pearls are the ideal option. Necklaces should be 18 inches or longer in length-a 22-inch strand is generally recommended.

The color of the pearl will depend on individual tastes. While white is often the most popular choice due to its versatility and elegance, for those with an extra flair, a variety of other colors and tones are available.

It is prudent to present the pearls you have chosen to your mother and grandmother two to three months in advance of the wedding party so that they have time to coordinate with their outfits.


Pearls are the perfect gift for bridesmaids and, in this case, it is most often the bride who will select them. Typically, smaller pearls of around 6mm-7mm and necklace lengths that fall at least 1 inch above or 2 inches below the neckline are best for bridesmaids. When selecting color, either traditional white or pearls in a light pastel matching the bridesmaids' outfits will always look lovely. For spring and summer weddings consider choosing fresh and lively colors; for fall or winter weddings, look for darker or jewel toned pearls.

As the dresses will be chosen by the bride well in advance, she should have ample time to prepare matching necklaces as bridesmaids' gifts. The rehearsal dinner is an appropriate occasion to give these gifts. The Maid of Honor can be distinguished simply by wearing either uniquely colored, slightly larger pearls, or longer pearl strands.

Real cultured pearls are a very nice "Thank You" gift for bridesmaids. They are real gemstones and can be worn for special occasions later on.

Flower girls

Jewelry for flower girls' can be ordered as a smaller version of the bridesmaids'. Since most flower girls will sprout inches within months, a longer necklace is very appropriate. Pearls in the 5mm-6mm range and stands at around 14-inch lengths will fit most young flower girls.

They can either match the bridesmaids' pearls or be of a slightly different color and size. It is also perfectly acceptable to be just that bit more fanciful when choosing jewelry for a flower girl. Think about drop shapes or off round shapes.

The rehearsal dinner is also a great time to give flower girls their gifts.

Fathers, Groomsmen and the Groom

Pearls may also be worn by the men in the wedding party, incorporated into tie tacks, Ascot pins, cufflinks and shirt studs. Pearls of 5mm-6mm can be set into shirt studs and matching cuff links. Button shaped and half pearls are perfect for these wedding accessories.

The color of the pearls should be determined when the men's clothing and accessories are selected. White pearls used for buttons or cufflinks will blend into a white shirt very nicely or, for a contrast, black pearls. If there is a theme to the wedding, of course, specific colors are available to match.

The groom and his best man can distinguish themselves by wearing different colored pearls. However, other members of the wedding party can wear the same pearls. For example, the best man and maid of honor can be matched in pearl color and size.

Providing that the men's wardrobes have been selected in advance, the pearl accessories are also an excellent gift for fathers and groomsmen during the rehearsal dinner.

The Bride

The bride herself should be wearing the most stunning pearls on her wedding day. Her necklace should reflect her personal style as well as the wedding's overall theme.

Pearl size should be measured relative to her frame. For an average sized woman, at approximately 5'5" tall and weighing 130 pounds, pearls ranging from 6mm-7mm in size are suitable. Also, take factors such as the bride's age into account. The more mature a woman is the larger her pearls should be.

The bride's necklace should fall to 1 inch above or 2 inches below the neckline of her dress, as with the bridesmaids'. Strand lengths of 16 inches to 18 inches are suitable for above the collar necklaces, while a 22 inches or more length is more suitable for below the collar pieces.

The bride should consider a few fundamentals when selecting the color of her pearls. For traditional weddings, white is most appropriate. Also, if there are pearls sewn into her dress, then they should be coordinated to match the color of her jewelry. However, the jewelry she wears on her wedding day is ultimately an expression of her joy. Therefore the final decision as to color, size and strand length should be made at her own pleasure.