FAQ - How do I pick the perfect pearl color?

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Selecting your ideal set of pearls can be an extremely personal experience or, if selecting for another, somewhat of a challenge. The color of a pearl has a very real association with the person it will be worn by and should reflect their tastes, personality and compliment them aesthetically.

White pearls are timeless. Denoting the wearer's elegance and class, they epitomize the classic ideal of femininity. A string of white pearls is the traditional choice for a first strand or a milestone gift.

The pink pearl range varies from light and crisp tones to warm golden pinks, and right through to a lavender palette. They suit all skin tones and colorings and are appropriate for women of all ages. This makes them unique to the wearer as well as a highly versatile accessory.

Finally, black pearls are bold and exotic. While also versatile, they act to accentuate styles and distinguish the wearer from others. Black pearls always make a statement.

Please consider using our PearlWizard with your color choice.