FAQ - What are Hanadam pearls?

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Hanadama pearls represent the top 0.1% of each year’s Akoya pearl harvest.

They must at minimum nacre thickness of 0.4mm which is considered very thick for Akoya pearls, and the surface quality requirements are a very clean surface with the maximum amount of blemishing on the surface of each pearl within strand to be 5% or less. Each Hanadama pearl necklace has its own individually numbered certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan. This independent grading lab that is the only entity in the world that can bestow the coveted “Hanadama.” grade to any Akoya pearl submitted for testing. Because Hanadama pearls have an individually numbered PSL Certificate, customizing the length immediately nullifies the certificate and renders it invalid. We are confident that our Hanadama pearls are of the top quality you can find on the market. Click here to visit our Hanadama collection.