Black Pearl Bracelets – A Touch Of Class And Elegance

black pearl bracelets

One piece of jewelry that is very prominent is a pearl bracelet.  It is something that is not only beautiful to wear but also to look at it.  The wonderful thing is that these days there are some truly stunning black pearl bracelets available.  So finding one that not only suits your budget but also your tastes.

Most women tend to wear bracelets only on special occasions.  Where in fact you could wear them all the time if you wish, as long as they are the right size.   As the risk of such pieces of jewelry getting bumped and banged is high they need to be long-lasting.

This is something that a great many jewelry designers have taken into account when creating any kind of black pearl bracelets.

black pearl bracelets

Why Buy Black Pearl Bracelets?

Although a very traditional piece of jewelry, including a black pearl bracelet, will make what you are wearing looking even more elegant.   You can even give your ensemble a more formal look by teaming the bracelet with some other black pearl jewelry such as a necklace or earrings, or even both.

Why Wear Black Pearls Bracelets?

Pearls of any color symbolize wisdom that has been acquired through experience.  Also, it is believed that can help to attract luck and wealth along with offering the wearer protection.

They have also become known for their calming affect as it is believed that can help to balance the wearer’s karma.   It is also believed that they can help to make relationships stronger as well as keep your children safe.

But the one thing that pearls are most said to symbolize is generosity, integrity, purity, and loyalty of those who wear them.

So you can see it really helps to show just how much people can trust you and feel you are someone that can be relied upon.

Of course what they symbolise is important, but there are many myths surrounding all kinds of pearls that are just as important to be aware of.

black pearl bracelets

It all begins with the early Chinese who considered black pearls to be a sign of wisdom.  They also believed that they have been formed within the head of a dragon.  As soon as the black pearls were fully grown the dragon was then said to have carried it between their teeth.  There are many statutes from this period of Chinese history that show a dragon and between its teeth is a perfectly formed pearl.

According to the said myth in order to gather the pearls one would need to kill the dragon.  So maybe this is why there aren’t any more dragons in the world.

As for the Japanese, they believed that pearls even black ones that you finding in say black pearl ankle bracelets were formed from the tears of mythical creatures such as nymphs, angels or mermaids.

In ancient Iran (Persia) there is a legend that says that pearls were created after a rainbow made contact with Earth following a big storm.  The imperfections we often see in the pearls appearance are said to have been a result of the storm’s thunder and lighting.

black pearl bracelets

As for the ancient Egyptians, pearls were very much a prized possession and they would ask for their white or black pearl jewelry to be buried with them.  It is also said that Queen Cleopatra dissolved a pearl from one of her earrings in either a glass of vinegar or wine.  She then drank it in order to show to her then lover Mark Anthony that she was able to devour the wealth of her nation at once.

As you will be aware Tahitian black pearls are rare and there are numerous myths that surround these.  It is their rarity that results in the prices of black Tahitian pearl bracelets being so high.

The myths surrounding such pearls are more romantic compared to some of the others we’ve discussed above.

The first one relates to the God of Fertility and Peace called Oro.  It is said he came to Earth on a rainbow in order to present the Polynesian people with a mystic oyster known as the “Ufi”.  But when he found that it contained a beautiful black pearl he offered up to the Polynesian Princess Bora Bora.  He did so in order to show her how much he loved her.

black pearl bracelets

The other tale surrounding pearls in Tahitian black pearl bracelets relates to the moon taking a bath in the ocean.  Whilst bathing the moon’s beams of light begin to attract oysters to the surface of the ocean that is shimmering.  Over time the dew that makes the surface of the ocean shimmer cover the black pearl.  This is why black pearl bracelets will have hues of gold, green, blue or pink in them when the light shines off them.

After reading all the above I am pretty sure by now that you would love to own your own beautiful black pearl bracelet.   A double black pearl bracelet would gorgeously shine on your wrist.

double black pearl bracelet

But which would you prefer something that sits snugly on your wrist or something that is a little looser?  The choice is yours really.  But we would suggest however that when it comes to buying black pearl bracelets that you go for one that fits a little more loosely around your wrist.  It won’t feel as if your wrist is being suffocated when worn and being loose the light will bounce more easily off the pearls.  This will help the luster of the pearls to shine even more.

Of course, you may be wondering just what size bracelet you should be buying.  Well, below we offer you some simple instructions to help you determine what size you should be thinking of buying.

How To Find The Right Size Black Pearl Bracelets For You

In order for you to work out what size bracelet you should be wearing you need to follow the steps, we’ve provided for you below.   You may find it more useful if you ask a friend to help you with this.

Step 1

You need to measure your just below your wrist bone.  This is the position where you will find that you normally want to wear a bracelet.  You could, of course, go to a jeweler, and they will use a special tool (a bracelet gauge) to measure the width of your wrist for you.  But you can also measure your wrist yourself using either a measuring tape or a length of plain paper.  It is important that you use the kind of measuring tape that a dressmaker would use.

simple black pearl bracelet

Step 2

If you are going to use a plain strip of paper to measure the width of your wrist place it around your wrist.  Then take a pen and mark on the paper where it is that you would like the end of your black pearl bracelets to be.  You may find it easier to ask a friend to help you do this.  Now take the piece of paper and lay it against a ruler or measuring tape and read the number that appears where the mark on your paper is.  This is the size of bracelet you should be looking to buy for wearing on your wrist or ankle.

Step 3

Now if you want to have a snug, comfortable or loose fitting bracelet there are certain things you need to do.  You need to increase the number you have already by the following increments based on how you want the bracelets you are buying to fit.

  • Snug Fit – Add on additional ¼ to ½ inch
  • Comfortable Fit – Add on additional ¾ to 1 inch
  • Loose Fit – Add on additional 1 ¼ inches

You can also use the same steps above to work out the size of any black pearl ankle bracelets you are thinking of purchasing.   But you need to measure just above where your ankle is situated.  You will probably find that you can take this measurement easily on your own.

For the ladies who don’t want to make the transition to black pearls so directly, here’s a wonderful and exquisite mix. A white freshwater and black Tahitian pearl bracelet like this one is ideal.

white and black pearl bracelet

Hopefully, with the information, we offered above being able to select the right size black pearl bracelets for you shouldn’t prove a problem.

As you will see there are many different designs of black pearl bracelets now available.  But again you need to take into account the size of your wrist when deciding on the style you wear.

For women who have quite small delicate wrists then sticking with a black pearl bracelet with small size pearls is a good option.  Whereas for women who have much wider wrists they may find wearing bracelets with larger pearls is a better option.  Such women may also find that wearing bracelets made up of several rows of pearls is a good option.

But whatever style of black pearl bracelets you choose you know that you are going to be wearing something that isn’t only beautiful but also stunning to look at.  So why not visit, where we have some really beautiful designs for you to choose from that, will suit not only your tastes but your budget.

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