Everything You Need to Know before Buying South Sea Pearls

Buying pearls is indeed a difficult mission, as there are many types of pearls out there and they need your utmost attention. In order to make an informed decision and a right choice, you need to learn a few things before you buy South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls, Cortez pearls and so on. The first thing you need to know is that most pearls available on the market are cultured pearls, as opposed to natural ones. While the former are grown with our help and our supervision, the latter grow naturally in wild oyster shells. The difference between them is that natural pearls are rare and very costly, although both types look the same. read more

5 bridal Pearl Drop Earrings

5 Gorgeous Pearl Drop Earrings for Your Wedding

Forget the superstitions related to wearing pearl drop earrings or any other type of pearl jewelry on your wedding day! The idea that pearls would bring tears on your special day is just a myth!

Since ancient times, pearls have been associated with wealth, social status, love, marriage, marital harmony and good fortune. Nowadays, wearing pearls is also a symbol of elegance and refined tastes. Take a look at our list of five gorgeous pearl drop earrings for your wedding if you seek to look smashing on the happiest day of your life! read more