MAKEUP DIY: Modern Pin-Up Makeup Tutorial by Chrisspy [VIDEO]

Pearls and pin-up girls have always gone hand-in-hand, and by far this is our favorite pinup style thus far because this pin-up doll is not only true to the pinup cat eye style, but she added a fun and contemporary update to the look. We are so excited to share with you this gorgeous makeup tutorial that has great instructions and wonderful application.

Youtube Beauty Guru, Chrisspy, showcased her skills with this easy step-by-step pinup eye makeup tutorial with fabulous technique that is so modern that it can be worn every day! read more

PEARL FASHION: Professionals Who Wear Pearls Daily

Pearls are amazing! Pearls have a way of dressing up your look and creating a very smart and sophisticated appearance. Pearls are a jewelry accessory that most women in powerful positions tend to wear on many occasions. This includes the first women, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama; Entrepreneurs like real estate tycoon, Barbara Corcoran, and makeup guru, Mary Kay.  Let us not forget the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

And before you think that these women are all too mature, how about women like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who has impeccable style. How about steady trend setter and Fashionista, Rihanna, who has become great friends with Karl Lagerfeld and often wears Chanel Pearls; and one of the richest and also stylish teens in the world, Dakota Fanning, has been known to adorn pearls. read more