audrey hepburn wearing pearls

Celebrities Who Made Pearls So Fashionable These Days

Pearls have always been highly prized and never seem to go out of fashion.  No longer are these gems something that your maiden aunt or grandmother would only wear.  Many celebrities wearing pearls have helped to give them a new lease of life. These days women of all ages enjoy wearing pearls. Discover who are out top celebrities who love pearls!

For thousands of years, women have worn pearls.  During Roman times pearls were considered a prized item.   Even Persian Princesses loved to wear them as well.  If you have the opportunity to visit Paris then go to the Louvre.  Here you will see a small piece of one of the oldest pearl necklaces in the world.  It was discovered in the tomb of a young princess from Persia who died in 520BC.  read more