How To Take Care Of And Clean Black Pearl Jewelry

how to clean black pearls

Black pearls are a beautiful thing to behold.   Like any other kind of jewelry you can buy black pearl jewelry designs are meant to be worn.  By wearing them will really help to enhance the beauty of these beautiful gemstones.  As a result, you need to know how to clean black pearls.  You should be aware that you won’t be able to wear them all the time.  It is important that they are taken off regularly, and kept somewhere safe as this will help to preserve their beauty for many years to come.  So keep reading to find out how to take care of your black pearls!

Whether you’ve invested in Tahitian pearl jewelry sets or dyed freshwater black pearl fashion jewelry it is important to remember that these are all living organisms.

how to clean black pearls

Preservation Of Your Black Pearl Jewelry

As these pearls are made up of calcareous crystals they are very sensitive especially to products such as acids and chemicals.   Also, they contain protein and water if you don’t care for your black pearl gem it may start to dry out.  As a result of this small cracks may suddenly start to appear in the surface.

Below we take a look at what some of these are as well as helping to offer you some tips on how to clean and care for these kinds of pearls so that they retain their beautiful black pearl colour.

how to clean black pearls

Can Become Dried Out

To help keep them looking as beautiful as the day you got them you need to be taking care of them properly.  To help prevent them from drying out you should occasionally wipe them to make them damp with some lightly salted water.

Also to prevent them from drying out never actually wrap your black pearl and gold jewelry in wool or cotton.  These types of materials actually generate heat that will, of course, lead to the pearls drying out and in turn cause them to turn a brown colour.

They Can Become Easily Damaged

Another thing that is vital to remember when it comes to how to clean your black pearl jewelry is to remember that they aren’t as hard as other precious gemstones.  So make sure that you never store them so they come in to direct contact with other pieces of jewelry that could actually scratch them.

All Pearls Are Sensitive To Your Skin

Some women tend to have more acidic skin than others.  If you were to wear your black pearl jewelry regularly as it should be, then, of course, some of the pearls are going to be in close contact with your skin.  We will tell you how to clean your black pearls properly.

how to clean black pearls

You, therefore, need to carefully check the pearls in say the necklace or bracelet as over time they will absorb some of the acids from your skin.  Over time this will lead to the acid eating slowly into the pearl and cause them to lose their luster and change shape.

By keeping in mind the above you will help to preserve the look, luster, shape, and beauty of these beautiful pearls for many years to come.   Along with these points, there are other things to consider that could also have an effect on how your black pearl jewelry looks in the future.

Caring For Your Black Pearl Jewelry

When it comes to caring for your black pearl jewelry including black Tahitian pearl jewelry sets there are certain things to remember.  The following points below will help to ensure that you care for yours properly now and in the future.

1.  Keep Them Away From Cosmetics And Chemicals

As mentioned, pearls, even black ones, are very sensitive to not only chemicals but also anything that is alkaline or acidic in nature.  You should always apply your makeup and perfume before you actually put on your pearls, this way you keep their exposure to any harmful products in them to a minimum.

When it comes to wearing any kind of black pearl rings make sure that you keep them away from any juice or food spills as much as possible.   It is important to keep them away from any food or liquids that may contain either lemon juice or vinegar.  The same can also be said for when a beautiful pair of black Tahitian pearl earrings.

how to clean black pearls

2.  Avoid Contact With Sweat As Much As Possible

After wearing your black pearls, make sure to take them off as soon as you can to avoid too much sweat coming into contact with their surface.  If you don’t actually wipe them down before putting them away the sweat can actually cause the black pearl jewelry sets to become discoloured.  All you need to do is rinse them in a little cool water and then wipe them with a soft cloth to dry them.

3.  Take Care When Taking Your Pearl Jewelry Off

With a necklace or pendant make sure that hold the clasp gently between your fingers, or ask someone else to undo the clasp for you.  The same also goes when wearing say a beautiful black Tahitian pearl bracelet.

When it comes to the taking off of rings, you need to make sure that you grasp it by the metal part or shank rather than by the pearl itself.  This will help to prevent the pearl from becoming loose as well as preventing it from coming into contact with the oil on your hands.

Cleaning Your Black Pearl Jewelry

Whenever you are going to be putting away your black pearl jewelry for the night you should get in the habit of giving them a quick rinse and then drying them off.  Also, you may want to think about giving them a polish with a soft cloth that contains a small amount of olive oil on it.  This won’t only help to prevent your beautiful black pearl gems from drying out but also ensure that they maintain that amazing luster.

Here are some of the most important points to remember when it comes to how to clean black pearls.  If you keep the following in mind this beautiful jewelry will retain its luster, shape, and size for years to come.

how to clean black pearls

Cleaning Do’s

The actual process of cleaning even black pearl jewelry sets isn’t that complicated.  As already mentioned above after wearing you simply need to wipe them with a soft cloth that can be damp or dry.  Not only will this stop dirt from building up on their surface, but also help to prevent any sweat, that is a little acidic from being able to eat away at the nacre of the pearls over time.

  • Also, keep the following important factors in mind when it comes to cleaning your black pearl jewelry set.
  • After you’ve washed your pearls place them on to some moist kitchen towel on a flat surface to dry. Only store them away after the towel has completely dried out, as this is when your pearls will also be totally dry.
  • If you’ve been a little lax when it comes to cleaning your black Tahitian pearl jewelry sets you may want to consider getting a jeweler to clean them for you. You can, of course, cleaning them yourself but you will need to use a mild liquid soap with some warm water.
  • But avoid using your regular dishwasher soap but something that is a little more delicate such as Lux or Dove liquid. Also make sure you clean them using a soft cloth and pay very close attention to the parts around the drill holes in the pearls, as this is where dirt can easily collect.
  • You should arrange for a jewelry professional to closely inspect your black pearl fashion jewelry designs at least every six months. They will be able to see easily if any pearls are becoming loose or the string or metal setting are still in good order.   Quite a lot of jewelers will often carry out such a service for free, but if they do charge it is worth it to ensure that your jewelry is well maintained for many years to come.
  • You must make sure after cleaning that you take care in storing this kind of jewelry away. It is best if you store any kind of black pearl jewelry pieces in a separate padded or soft pouch.  Even better though would be to store them in a hard jewelry case.

Hopefully the above will help to ensure that you keep your black pearl jewelry looking beautiful for many years to come.


how to clean black pearls


But above all, it is important that you wear them on a regular basis.  If you don’t and you choose to only take them out for special occasions, you may well find that over time that actually starts to lose their shine (luster).   What this actually means is that black pearl jewelry looks its best when it is being worn, so make sure that you enjoy them as much as you want.

Here at, we have an amazing selection of different and beautiful pieces of black pearl fashion jewelry for you to choose from.  So finding particular black pearl designs that suits your tastes and budgets won’t prove all that challenging.  But just remember once you’ve invested in any kind of black pearl jewelry including one of our black Tahitian pearl jewelry sets make sure to remeber this post on how to clean black pearls properly.

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