Is It Okay To Wear Pearls With Other Gemstones?

pearls with other gemstones

For centuries now pearls have been highly prized because of their beauty and allure.  But unlike other gemstones, which are minerals, pearls are in fact organic, as a living organism has formed them.  Yet although pearls now come in a wide array of different colours many women are still wondering what kinds of other gemstones they can wear such pieces of jewelry with. Today we will explore how you can wear pearls with other gemstones in various combinations. Just keep reading!

In fact, the topic of whether to wear a set of pearl earrings with say a pearl necklace is the best way to wear such jewelry, or if they can be worn with other gemstones.   The problem is that for many women they feel that wearing the same type of jewelry looks a little old fashioned, and they do have a point.   But sometimes pairing your beautiful pearl earrings with a pearl necklace or pendant really looks stunning.

So Do You Match Or Don’t You?

If you choose to wear the right pieces of jewelry together in the right way then, of course, the whole ensemble can look beautiful, without look old fashioned.   If you intend to wear a matching pair of pearl earrings with a necklace then it is best to stick with smaller sized pearls and very simple designs.

pearls with other gemstones

However, if you would prefer to wear your pearl earrings with other gemstones then you can be a little more creative, and match them with other pieces of jewelry that you wouldn’t think come together.  Ideally, you should choose other pieces of jewelry that are of a similar style, shape, and colour as the earrings you’ve chosen to wear.  The same can also be said for the kind of pearl necklace or pendant you wear.

What is important is you choose pearls and gemstones that actually bring the whole outfit together.  Plus of course, choose pieces of jewelry that suit your own particular tastes and personality.   For example this year you could think about wearing stay 2 or 3 different styles of bracelet together at the same time, such as wearing a simple pearl bracelet together with a silver charm one or one that is made up of small gemstones in varying colours.

So What Gemstones Can You Wear With Pearls?

As there is such a wide variety of different colour gemstones to select from these days it can prove quite challenging to determine which ones would go well with pearls.

Our guide below goes through some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding what other gemstones can be worn with pearl jewelry.

Generally, it is possible to wear most kinds of gemstones with pearls as long as the colours you’ve chosen aren’t fighting to stand out from the others.  It is actually a good idea to allow one colour to dominate and then the others should be used as accents.  This will, in turn, help you to create the perfect look.

pearls with other gemstones

The best way of course for you to decide just which gemstones go best with any pearl jewelry you have is to try several different pieces on with various outfits you have in your wardrobe.  Then stand in front of a mirror to see if the items that you have chosen really do help to improve the overall look of your outfit or not.

Plus it is important that you also choose gemstones that actually compliment your skin tone and hair colour.  So if you have quite pale skin you need to avoid brighter coloured gemstones, whilst if you have quite a dark tone to your skin then, of course, teaming your white pearl earrings with some emeralds or rubies would look amazing.

Even think about wearing a pearl earring in one ear whilst in the other, you wear an earring that contains a different gemstone in it.   This is a trend that will be very hot throughout 2019.

1. Complimentary Colours

When deciding what kinds of gemstones to pair with your pearls choose ones that complement each other.  So if you are going to wear a pair of white pearl earrings then pair these with a simple diamond pendant or diamond ring.

2.  Similar Colours

These are two or three colours that are very close to each other on the colour spectrum.  These work well like complimentary colours if one is slightly more muted than the other.  For example, you could go for a black pearl ring that is surrounded by either small diamonds or sapphires.

3.  Split Complimentary Colours

This is where one particular colour is paired with two other colours that fall on either side of it on the colour spectrum.   For example, you could team up a pink pearl with say a necklace made of yellow gold and included in the design some small pale blue gemstones.

pearls with other gemstones

4.  White Pairing

Often women ask can we wear pearl and diamond together.  The answer is yes, as you can imagine white is very versatile and in fact, the beauty of white pearls is that you can pair them with other different coloured gemstones.   Make sure that the pearl is actually the centrepiece of the jewelry then surround it with much smaller coloured gemstones.  By doing this you will find that it helps to bring out the luster and different hues of the pearl even more.

So How Do You Pair Other Jewelry With Pearls

It is very important if you are intending to wear any other gemstones with your pearl jewelry you need to know how to pair them together correctly.

The first thing to be aware of is that as pearls are very distinctive they don’t always compliment some other jewelry items.

For more formal occasions you should think about wearing pearls with pearls.  So wear a beautiful pearl necklace with either a matching bracelet or a beautiful pearl of teardrop or stud pearl earrings.

Can we wear pearl and emerald together or can we wear pearl and ruby together?  Yes, it is okay to do this, but you should make sure that the rest of the outfit you wear is simple.  If not then the look you end up with can seem quite messy.   Also, make sure that you choose colours in your outfit that will match the items of jewelry you’ve chosen to wear.

pearls with other gemstones

But it isn’t only the gemstones you need to think about when wearing pearls, you also need to consider the type of metal in which the various other gemstones have been set.   Of course, you should never mix silver and gold together.  Instead, if you are wearing a pearl pendant with a silver chain then the other pieces of jewelry such as a diamond ring our pair of earrings should be set in silver as well.

As you can see above it is quite challenging sometimes to decide what types of gemstones can be worn with pearls these days.  Generally, most women will tend to stick with more simple designs to ensure that at all times the focus will remain on the pearls in the jewelry that they are wearing.

But let’s get back to the question of is it okay to wear pearls with other gemstones?  As you can see from above yes you can choose to wear pearls with other gemstones set into other pieces of jewelry or that are in the piece you want to wear.   But you may also want to keep in mind the following to ensure that you create the perfect look every time you wear pearls.

Below we list the times when you shouldn’t be wearing pearls with other gemstones.

  • Diamonds should never be worn with pearls and rubies at the same time
  • Avoid wearing blue sapphire gemstones with rubies, red coral or pearls altogether, whether in the same piece of jewelry or as separate ones
  • Also, you should avoid wearing any jewelry that includes hessonite, pearls, and rubies in them
  • Finally, never wear pearls with rubies and cat’s eyes at the same time

Hopefully, the information that we have offered above will help you to choose the perfect gemstones that you can wear with any pearl jewelry that you have.  By doing this it provides you with a great way of how to wear pearls the modern way.

pearls with other gemstones

No longer are such pieces of jewelry something that only your grandmother, great aunt or mum should be wearing.  In fact, pearls have come along way from just the traditional string of pearls.  There are some really wonderful modern designs that can be worn by women of all ages.

With so many different styles of pearl jewelry to choose from finding a piece that suits your own particular tastes and personality will not prove that difficult.  You can soon be creating a completely unique look that your friends will love and will make you feel like a million dollars.

Luckily for you here at, we have a wide array of different pieces of jewelry that include some other beautiful gemstones in their design.  All of the pieces are designed so that the gemstones used to compliment the beauty of the pearls without actually taking anything away from them.

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