FASHION TREND: Pearl Mix & Match (ASOS x Pearls Only)

We are forecasting awesome fashion trends and styles for the Spring and Summer of 2014! Each week we will be showcasing great fashion for everyone’s style, budget and even profession.

We are excited to share with you an exciting look for the warmer seasons that is perfect for the professional woman. This Summer’s en vogue looks is the “Short Pant Suit Set” and it is a great alternative for you ladies who work in an office environment that requires you to dress business casual.

Suits are great for the office but in the warmer months they can be constricting, hot, and distracting to your work. The short pant suit fashion is the perfect remedy for this because it offers you the business look that you need, but also provides you the maximum comfort for your professional level.

We love this style because it is fun, breezy, and still keeps your expert persona. Short Pant Suits come in all colors, cuts, designer brands, styles, and prices making it accessible for all.

Today’s Pearl Mix & Match features the trend of “Short Pant Suits Sets” by popular brand ASOS and a darling pearl bracelet by Pearls Only.

This look above features the “ASOS Blazer in Metallic Pastel Stripe”,  “ASOS Shorts With Split and Slant Pockets”, “ASOS Cropped Blazer With Clean Lapel”, and the “Pearls Only Double Strand Bracelet – Pink A 6-7mm Freshwater Pearl Bracelet”.

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You can find the short suits at for under $150 and the bracelet from for $55, making the look a budget Fashionista under $250.

What do you think of the look?

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