Christmas Outfit Ideas For Any Kind of Celebration

What are you going to wear on Christmas? This is the question that has been asked so many times in the last weeks. Have you found your Christmas outfit? If not, we have decided to give you some help in finding the right Christmas outfit for you. We have selected some wonderful Christmas looks, appropriate for the occasion. Find out what will make you shine!

Deciding what to wear for Christmas should not be a hard task. With all the cooking, decorating and gift shopping, you can easily forget to focus on what you’re going to wear. Make some time and spend it looking for the outfit that you want to wear on this winter holiday. Mark the occasion with a stand-out outfit that matches both your style and traditions.

Tips For Finding The Appropriate Christmas Outfit

  1. First of all, take into account the location. The nature of the event should dictate what you’re wearing. Is it a cozy family dinner at home? A Christmas party at the office or at your friend’s house? Dress accordingly.
  2. Wear medium heels. While heels bring a note of elegance, don’t exaggerate with their size. You will want to feel comfortable the entire day/night. But if you are used to wearing high heels, then by all means go it.
  3.  Moreover, you don’t have to purchase an entire new outfit. You can only buy a single new piece of clothing and combine it with the clothes you already have. Moreover, take into account that even a stunning statement jewelry piece can transform a basic outfit into a glamorous one. For example, this pearl necklace can resurrect that that black dress you haven’t worn since last year.
pearl necklace for Christmas outfit

Quality Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace in V-Neck White

  1. Types of materials that bring out the Christmas spirit: velvet, sequins, silk. Try to mix different fabrics with one of those we have just mentioned in order to achieve a gorgeous Christmas look.
  1. Don’t overdress. The only thing that should be massively decorated is your Christmas tree. Keep it classy. Sometimes, simple is simply more!
  2. If you’ll be venturing out over Christmas, keep warm with appropriate outwear. A nice and sleek coat or fur will keep you warm.
  3.  If you love this type of quorkyness, you can even try matching outfits with your loved one or your little one. The fun and joy will be at high levels. Plus, matchy outfits look great in photos.


If you usually enjoy indoor festivities, pick a comfortable outfit. Comfortable does not mean boring or lounge clothes.

Here is an ideal and easy to wear outfit, proposed by Meyli. This one size Christmas Geometric sweater dress looks great on any figure.


Gamiss – Christmas items by meyli-meyli featuring holiday decor


And this casual black faux fur embellished pocket longline cardigan looks so comfy, right?


cute cardigan by meyli-meyli featuring a perfume fragrance


For a festive yet fashionable look, you can definitely wear a Christmas themed sweater and pair it with a skirt. Christmas motives on sweaters are so trendy at the moment. Just check this chic and elegant outfit, created by Katy.


Christmas sweater by katymill featuring lighted signs


Maha also created some fun and chic outfits. Totally appropriate for receiving Santa :).


Merry Christmas: Wish list by mahafromkailash featuring mini handbags


Lovely Chic by mahafromkailash featuring a green sweater


Merry Christmas: Wish list by mahafromkailash featuring NYX


As we previously mentioned, velvet is a wonderful choice for a Christmas outfit. Here is an exquisite choice which seems comfortable enough to wear.


#velvet by meyli-meyli featuring velvet pants

And if you want a more glamorous look, here is the perfect mix: festive, elegant, charming. The one-shoulder ruffled velvety body is absolutely stunning!


If you are looking for something different to your usual dangly earrings, these pearl earrings from our new collection are exactly what you need.

Last but not least, every Christmas should start with a fine and relaxed Christmas Eve brunch. This outfit created by Keara inspires so much delicacy and refinement. It has the Parisian air of a true mademoiselle…which is absolutely enchanting. Suddenly, your cinnamon rolls taste better!


Christmas Eve Brunch by kearalachelle featuring a high-waist skirt



Looking for some Christmas party outfit ideas? Feel like a Winter princess in a white or blue dress. Complement it with some fine pearls and you are ready to glow. If it’s a fancy party, them glam it up all the way. Christmas day is the perfect excuse to wear something sparkly and festive. In this case, sequins are your best friend!



This backless shiny sequined bodycon dress just screams femininity.


#PolyPresents: Statement Shoes by mahafromkailash featuring a smashbox lipstick

Our passion for glitz and glam does not stop here. Turn heads in this fabulous silver dress that Jen suggests, and get ready to receive loads of compliments!


Whether you are hosting the party or participating as a guest, this glamorous outfit will make you stand out for sure. We love how Lauren accessorized it with a string of white pearls.


For a sophisticated blue Christmas theme party, here is a dress that will make you look ravishing. Konstantina knows how to style her outfits and you may steal some tips as well.


BLUE DRESS!!! by kskafida featuring blue home decor


Christmas party dresses can be an excellent choice for a Christmas company party. While it looks professional enough, it can be the right dose of chicness. A smart dress and some glitzy shoes are a lovely choice.

The little red dress, as Didi suggests, can save you from shopping headaches. This outfit is equally appropriate for a company parties of family dinners.


Christmas themed dresses are an option only if you have a dress code that indicates this. A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a skirt or dress. Plus, it is ideal during the winter since you can wear anything you want on top and it will still look great. The jumpsuit is also fully lined which will help smooth over your figure.

Didi adores elegant clothes. Here is another lovely and charming look that you can wear to any event.


Night Out Look by shambala-379 featuring long scarves

If you’re company does not have that corporate tight air, then a casual yet elegant outfit like this one created by Sellina is totally indicated.


White mood by stellina-from-the-italian-glam featuring hoop earrings

To sum up, here you have our top Christmas outfit ideas that will make you stand out on this Christmas holiday. Whether you are looking to celebrate this magical holiday at home or at party, make sure to pick an outfit that makes you look your best.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, pearl lovers! Make it memorable. Christmas only happens one time a year, so it’s the perfect moment to create fabulous memories.

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