The most iconic movie outfits of all time

Are you a lover of fashion? Or a movie addict? This post mixes the two worlds seamlessly as we look at some of cinemas most iconic outfits! Still relevant today screen goddesses across the decades have shown us incredible styles and fashions that they are still as relevant today as they have ever been.

Film has the ability to make super stars of its on-screen characters, as well as a style symbol. From Hepburn and Kelly to Roberts and Knightley, by means of Farrow and Deneuve, some of Hollywood’s best stars owe a great deal to their on-screen style. In any case, what of the stories behind these motivating and grant winning closets? Whether you’re a cinephile or design fan, catch up on your trivia with our most loved notorious looks from the motion pictures – each matched with a fun and intriguing truth about the style on show in the film. read more