Tahitian Pearl Grading

Tahitian Quality Grading Guide

PearlsOnly uses the AAAA Pearl Quality
Grading System to grade its Tahitian

All Tahitian pearls are graded and
assigned a grade on these following value factors:

  • Luster
  • Surface
  • Shape(Roundness)

All of the Tahitian Pearls at PearlsOnly
are graded on the 3 value factors.

Tahitian Quality Grading Guide

Overall Grade

Using the AAAA Pearl Quality Grading
System the Overall Grade offers HIGHEST
value to our customers since some value
factors can be higher than the overall

Just like in the example on the
right, the pearl necklace has AAAA
Luster and AAAA Shape however it
is still assigned just a grade of AA
because the Surface is AA

Luster Grade

Luster or shine is the indication of
how well the pearl reflects the light.
A good way to think of luster is like
a mirror. It is a very important
value factor for the overall grade
of the pearls.

Tahitian Pearl Luster Grading - Pearls Only

Nice light reflection,reflected image slightly fuzzy

Very good luster,reflected image dear

Nice,sharp and very dear reflection

Outstanding luster amazing reflection and clarity

Body (Surface) Grade

Surface describes any divots, small
natural scratches and other pearl
imperfections on the body of
the pearl.

Tahitian Pearl Body Grading - Pearls Only

75% of the pearl surface is clean however imperections are visible on the surface

85% of the pearl surface is clean. When looking at the pearl closely it is possible to see small and occasional imperfections

95% of the pearl surface is clean.Imperections that are present are not easy to find-pearl must be carefully studied to see imperfections

99% of the pearl surface is clean.Extremely detailed and up-close study of the pearl is needed to find imperfections

Shape Grade

Pearls grow in various shapes, from baroque to perfectly round, and anywhere in between. The roundness of the pearl can be very small, however those pearls reaching the perfect roundness, also command the most expensive price.

Tahitian Pearl Shape Grading - Pearls Only

Non-symmetrical,off-round-slightly irregular

Round to casual observer,slight off-round symmetry

Near perfect round symtery

The pearls are of a near perfect spherical shape

Irregular shape with atypical growth

Tear drop shape