Akoya Hanandama Pearls

Hanandama Pearls

Hanadama certified pearls means 'flower pearl' - it is a name that is issued to Japanese Akoya pearls that have been reviewed by the Japanese Pearl Science Laboratory and that pass the review process.

Only the EXACT strand of pearls that has been reviewed by the Pearl Science Laboratory can be named and sold as a Hanadama grade pearls. The strand of pearls labeled as Hanadama pearls should be accompanied by a Hanadama certificate issued just for that specific pearl necklace.

Hanandama Certified Pearls

Hanadama Certified Pearls are one of the top pearls possible. The characteristics of Hanadama Pearls will be:

Luster: The luster of Hanadama pearls will be of one highest available in the world - AAAA Luster
Shape: The shape of the pearl will be perfectly round - AAAA Roundness
Body: The body of the pearl will be extremely clean - AAAA Cleanliness
Nacre Thickness: A nacre thickness inspection is performed by X-ray
and is a minimum of 0.4mm.

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Hanadama Certificate - Pearls Only

Hanandama Quality Results

A Hanadama Certified Pearl Necklace offers another level of peace of mind about your purchase.

Because each necklace is issued its own certificate, you are assured top quality pearls.

The certificate makes a terrific keepsake and its exotic origins (a faraway laboratory in Japan) make the pearls that much more exhilarating to wear.