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PearlsOnly White Pearl Earrings

White Pearl Earrings

Now is the time to discover the various different wonderful kinds of White Pearl Earrings that we can offer you here at Pearls Only. Each one of our sets of White Pearl Earrings have been chosen to ensure that we have something that will suit any woman’s particular taste and style. All of these will add that all-important touch of glamour to your outfit.
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White Pearl

Freshwater Earrings

Our collection of Freshwater White Pearl Earrings is available in wide variety of different shapes, sizes and styles.

White Pearl

Japanese Akoya Earrings

Nothing adds that all-important touch of elegance to your wardrobe than a pair of our stunning Japanese Akoya White Pearl Earrings.

White Pearl

Hanadama Earrings

Each pair of our gorgeous Hanadama White Pearl Earrings will add a touch more glamour and sophistication to your outfit.

White Pearl

South Sea Earrings

Each one of our sets of South Sea White Pearl Earrings will make you feel like a million dollars.

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White Pearl Earrings Buying Tips

The right kind of white pearl earrings will add a touch of glamour to any outfit, as well as complimenting all skin tones. To choose the best shape and style for you it is important to go over the following guidelines before you buy.

  1. Personal Style

As pearls are very versatile it makes them suitable for inclusion in any woman’s wardrobe. Below are just suggestions to help you with making the right choice according to your favorite ensemble!

Classic And Elegant

If you like to wear more sophisticated outfits or minimalist dresses, then you won’t go far wrong with owning a pair of White South Sea pearl earrings. This is an elegant piece of jewelry that will help to polish off any business suit so helping you to look more professional.

Casual And Relaxed

A simple pair of white Akoya pearl earrings will add a touch of sophistication to any casual outfit you enjoy wearing. If you don’t like to wear big bold jewelry then a delicate pair of white pearl stud earrings are ideal. These kinds of white pearl earrings are suitable for all kinds of face shapes and will brighten up any complexion.

Cute And Playful

Pearls aren’t only the kind of thing your grandmother or great aunt would wear. These days the adding of the right pair of pearl earrings can make even the most playful of outfits look amazing. Not only will a pair of Freshwater white pearl earrings brighten up your complexion but also your outfit.

  1. Shape

You should think about wearing small white pearl earrings during the day, and wear ones containing larger pearls for an evening out. The various shapes in which pearls come will help provide a hint for when they should be worn.


This shape of pearl set into a sterling silver fishhook design would look great worn to a party.


Want to look more elegant and stylish during the day then this shape is perfect for you. Look stunning if you wear with more semi-formal attire.


The smallest and cutest white pearl earrings design available. Suitable for young girls as well as more mature women, and can be worn both during the night and on when going out for the evening.


This is for women who like to look more fashionable and on trend. As a statement piece, these look stunning when worn to an evening event. Yet can also look fabulous when worn to lunch with your friends.